Mooresville Graded School District

A glimpse at the good stuff happening in our schools!

Happy December to You!

We hope all of our families had a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving break! We only have two weeks until our Christmas Winter Break, but our schools are focused and busy doing great things with our students! Check out a smidgen of what is going on throughout the district, and don't forget to download the Inclement Weather Procedures to have handy! As always, let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you and enjoy!

It's a busy time at PVES!

Every child, every day, in every grade! From Kinders to third graders, children are learning in every way possible at Park View Elementary School!

Instructional Assistants Make A Difference!

Rocky River Elementary highlighted some of its instructional assistants. We are extremely thankful for all of their hard work and dedication to making sure each of our students are successful! :-)

Check out what's happening at South

Reading is integral to a successful education, and our South Superstars are busy building that strong foundation by developing strong reading and writing skills! #BookSmart

EMIS is Thankful!

East Mooresville Intermediate School showed how thankful they are by creating a Totem Pole of Thankfulness and giving back with a food drive!

MIS Students "Travel" to Egypt!

As a culmination to their Ancient Egypt unit, sixth grade students at MIS participated in an interactive and engaging virtual reality experience! For the first time, they had the opportunity to travel to Egypt to see the Great Pyramids and the incredible Sphinx using Google Expeditions on our iPads. Students were also able to further investigate Egypt’s culture and history through an Ancient Egypt scavenger hunt, pyramid building stem activity, and a CSI King Tut investigation. They had a blast!

I spy a butterfly!

Near the end of the 1st Quarter unit on Natural Selection, MMS 8th grade students discussed camouflage as a strategy for survival and how/why it evolved in some organisms. The teachers used butterflies because most kids are somewhat familiar with them and the vast array of colors and patterns they have. The students were each given a plain white cutout of the shape of a butterfly and they had to find a place anywhere in the classroom to "hide" their butterfly by coloring it to match a place of their choosing. The goal was to have it blend in and disappear with its background. They taped them in place and the next day had a gallery walk with all of the classes allowing each class to view the others' butterflies. Check out a few of the examples below... Can you spy the butterflies?

Great team chemistry is the key to reviewing for 13.5 week assessments at MHS!

Mooresville High School is gearing up for 13.5 week assessments this week. On Monday, December 04, the Chemistry teachers, Ms. Frasure, Mr. Bock, and Mr. Simpson, utilized the Media Center to team teach/review in stations for the Chemistry assessment coming up later this week. Each of the chemistry students will benefit from learning from each of our chemistry teachers. Great job group!
The MIWAYE Program

Meshing Initiatives With Alternative Youth Education

MIWAYE students give thanks and give back!

MIWAYE students, with the help of Mrs. Hauff's art class, decided to brighten up Thanksgiving by giving back to the community. They created homemade and heartfelt placemats for Meals on Wheels and Mooresville Soup Kitchen recipients to use while eating their meals this holiday season!
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