The New Conversation Communication!

by Worldspeak

Welcome To Conversation Communication!

Have you ever wanted to talk to people half way around the world? The Conversation Communication can do just that! It allows people to talk with each other even if from speak different languages. Read below to find out how the Conversation Communication can help you!

What Is It And What Can It Do?

It is a small comfortable earpiece which can translate any language to another!

It's the link between countries.You can add slang or other forms of a language on the normal Conversation Communication by plugging it in to the computer or buy the big size with a computer that can do the things that are related to the product.

How Much It Costs And Where To Buy

Only $109.99!!! The large size costs $149.99. Both of my products can be bought at Brookstone.


For one year you will be able to get your money back and if your clip breaks we will fix it for two years.

How Do I Activate It?

To activate it you say something in your native tongue and you press the "reset" button, then when someone says something in a different language you hear what ever he/she said in your native tongue.

Are There Any Other Options?

You can buy it in Large and small, the large having a small computer to upload slang or other forms of a language (American English/British English)

Coming Soon!

In the near future you will also be able to buy a Braille translator and a reading translator. They will both be glasses that changes text in Braille to your language or a different language on paper/parchment.

About The Inventor

I am Aidan Cunningham and I invented the Conversation Communication. I am nine years old and I live in New Jersey. I am half Chinese and my favorite food is mashed potatoes. I am in third grade. I play the piano and the violin. I have no pets but a brother named Jasper. I like to play with Legos and I play Minecraft. I have three cousins that live in America and many more in Australia and New Zealand. Coming together one word at a time.