The Patkau Post

Wednesday September 4, 2013 Day 2

Period 0ne:

  • Bell Work is the word search on your desk. It will go in the "Other" section of your Literacy Binder
  • Hand in Insurance forms, money for agendas, and Scholastic forms to Mr. Patkau
  • Provide lock combination if you have't already received a locker
  • Announcements

Classroom Expectations

1. Agendas should remain on your desk open to today's date throughout the school day.

2. When the teacher is talking to the class, students are to remain seated.

3. During group work, students are expected to help each other to ensure that each group member understands.

4. During independent work, only the teacher provides the help. In some circumstances, the teacher may assign a buddy to help another student.

5. The Literacy and Numeracy Binders are for use in the classroom only. Treat them, and all classroom materials, with care and respect.

6. Keep the room tidy, returning items where they belong when they are not being used.