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March 2016

Second Grade Biography Research

Second graders completed their research projects in March and used the Guided Inquiry Research Process throughout the research. Over Spring Break, the students made a "bottle person" in the likeness of the person they researched. After the break, the students created a Chatterpix of their person. Chatterpix is an app that creates a talking version of a photo. Afterwards, the students shared their work with their peers and also self evaluated their work.

Abraham Lincoln

4th Grade Camp Write-A-Lot

To prepare themselves for the STAAR writing test the fourth graders went "camping" in the fourth grade classrooms, the library and the computer lab. After gathering in the library in the mornings the students rotated through eight stations throughout the week.

During the library rotation, the students watched a short video that contained short clips of popular songs and decided if a certain lyric was a simile or a metaphor. Afterwards, the students created their own simile or metaphor and illustrated it on the library iPads using the Doodle Buddy app.

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Makerspace Club

For their March meeting, the Makerspace Club members were given a challenge to create a globe out of straws. They were allowed to use scissors and tape along with the straws. They could use any method to make their creation. This was a challenge for engineering, creativity, teamwork and cooperation.

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Storyteller Visit

The entire campus was treated to a visit by the delightful Sue Kuentz. All day long in the library, Mrs. Kuentz enthralled our students and staff with her wonderful stories. Her visit was paid for by funds raised by our Book Fair and by a grant from the Texas Commission of the Arts.


Kinder Seuss Stations

During a kinder library visit we celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday. The kinder students had a choice of different Seuss themed stations they could try out. They could make a Socks in Fox puppet, solve Seuss puzzles, try their hand at drawing a Seuss character, practice matching popcorn words and use math skills to roll and color a Seuss picture.

It was Seusstastic!

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Library Information

  • 1,281 total items were checked out
  • Check outs by grade level PK-110, K-183,1st-251, 2nd-302, 3rd-98, 4th-122, 5th-181, staff-34
  • 6 Overdrive ebook check outs
  • 176 individual walk ins
  • 43 lessons were taught. Lessons were taught on researching biographies, similes and metaphors, St. Patrick's Day, 3-D geometric shapes.
  • 17 classes came in for check out only
  • 4th Grade Writing Camp was held
  • If you turned in a completed Six Flags or Schlitterbahn Reading forms the tickets will not be arriving until May and are given to the students with their report cards.
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Upcoming events

  • Kinder and 1st Grade Research
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Grade Battle of the Books

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