Why People Don't Get Vaccinated??

"Maybe Vaccines Aren't That Much Of A Good Idea?"

What is a Vaccination??

  • A vaccination is a needle injection of a small amount of weakened microorganisms that are injected into your immune system.

What Does A Vaccination Do?

  • Vaccines are small gateways that are injected into your immune system to prevent your body from catching the disease; but to also give you a taste of it, so it doesn't affect you just as much as it should.

How Does A Vaccination Actually Work Once It Has Entered The Body????

  • A vaccination injects small medicine into the body.
  • Your body creates ANTIBODIES that are made to fight off the disease or the virus for when it does come in contact with your body.
  • Antibodies fight off the disease

Why Don't People Get Vaccinations?

People choose to get vaccinated during the Winter and Fall time of the year; due to cold weather. Vaccines are to prevent children & adults from getting diseases and virus'. Vaccinations have been known to have WEIRD ingredients that can cause side effects to people and could possibly be harmful.

Example: The DPT vaccine ingredients (prevents Tetanus/Polio)

  • Horse Urine
  • Aluminum
  • Mercury
  • Monkey Kidney
  • Mouse Brain
  • Pigs blood
  • Formaldehyde
  • Bovine Brain Serum

--This vaccination is known to cause certain side effects for different people, it has been known to cause serious brain damage.

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"Now tell me......Would You Like To Get A Vaccine?"