#IamThankful Blogging Event

November 2014

November has arrived!

Thank you for considering to join or joining the #IamThankful #socialchallenge blogging on thankfulness during the month of November. I appreciate your support and if you so decide, your participation!

For those ready to get their ideas flowing out into a blog post, please ensure you have registered on the website so you can begin your weekly blog posts. If you need any assistance, simply email me at iamtarabuck@gmail.com so I can help you.

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Week of November 1 - 7

General Blogging Topics to select from for Week 1:

  1. My favorite fall desserts that I am most thankful for
  2. The 10 things I'm most thankful for
  3. Where does your family go on thanksgiving?
  4. If you could have any guest at thanksgiving, would would it be?
  5. When I think of thanksgiving, I thin of....
  6. The best kind of pumpkins
  7. My favorite part of fall

Select ONE of the above topics to write about and stay with the theme of THANKFULNESS. If you want to write about more then one, you may, but it is totally up to you. No matter what the topic, explain why you are thankful for what ever it is you are writing about.

Business Topics for the Month of November

Business Topics for the Month (select one per week):

  • A. What products/services do you offer your clients?
  • B. What opportunities in your business have given you a greater appreciation for your clients?
  • C. What relationships has your business helped you to build and why are you thankful for these relationships?
  • D. How has owning your own business helped you to grow as a person?
  • E. What have been some challenges in your business that you have confronted head on and conquered? How does this make you feel as a business owner?
  • F. What has happened in your business in 2014 that you are thankful for?
  • G. What is different today than it was a year ago that I am thankful for?
  • H. Your own personally created topic

As you select your business topic, keep in mind I want you to share more about you and your business so potential clients really learn more about what you have to offer them. Be creative and share your attitude of gratitude, so they can know what to expect from you should they decide to do business with you - our ultimate goal!

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