The 5 C's Using Technology

Capture. Create. Connect. Collaborate. Communicate.

Welcome to the 5 C's Using Technology!

Capture students hearts and minds. Let students Create. Connect, Collaborate, and Communicate with students, parents, and educators. Technology can provide us the tools to do this and more!

Present, Save, and Share Information


Organize and share the best of the web with your students. Great for making a default homepage on student computers for the most visited sites and/or sites needed for research. This way students are going to approved sites by the teacher.

Projects by Jen

Online projects designed to connect and collaborate with other classrooms.

Example from the website:

"O.R.E.O. 2012 -
We will be celebrating the 100th birthday of the O.R.E.O. cookie with some
very fun and educational ideas as we stack the oreo cookie!! Plus, join in
the oreo sculpture extension idea.
Project Dates: September 17 to October 12, 2012
Registration is NOW open!"

Dorie Glynn

3rd grd. Bil. Math/Sc. teacher, @mrsglynnsclass, M.S. in Ed., Den STAR/TXLC, Campus Tech. Liaison, #elemchat moderator,#appyhour, #DENchat, @edcamphouston