Rocky Mountains

Survival Rates

A Description Of The Region

  • West of Great Plains
  • East of Basin & Range
  • Stretches from Alaska to Mexico
Key Features
  • Younger and taller that Appalachian Mountains
  • Rugged mountains with high elevations
  • Contains the Continental Divide

Inside The Region

  • None
Land forms
  • Rocky Mountains
  • Continental Divide

Chance Of Survival

Your chance of survival in the Rocky Mountains would probably be pretty low because there a lots of mountains, and in a chase, you would have to climb them. Plus, there aren't any water resources there, so you might die of dehydration. Although, in the mountains, there are a lot of hiding spaces so you can hide from zombies. Still, the Rocky Mountains wouldn't be the best place the stay during a zombie apocalypse so i would give it a 1