Realtors, are you satisfied...?

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At ICG, we close what other banks, lenders and brokers can't...! We have helped hundreds of home-buyers close their home loans when previously been denied by other lenders. I'm sure you have witnessed this predicament.

Our 3 Step program to becoming an ALL-STAR Realtor in SWFL:

Step One: We will help you create a social media presence.

Step Two: We will give you our yard signs to capture more leads and we will follow up with the leads to turn them into pre-approvals.

Step Three: We will close all your loan in 3 weeks time and we will enhance all your turn-downs to make them qualify for any of our own programs.

We want to do all the work up-front so that you can do what you do best, "Write more contracts...!"

We are looking forward answering any of your question. Call now...!

About Carlos M Pautrat

I have been in the mortgage lending industry for over 27 years. Raised sales volumes and moved people into there purchased homes when many other lenders couldn't. My team and I work very well and expeditiously. Closing in 3 weeks...! I encourage you to try us and become a believer in what great service is really like. Best rates and NO Points...!