Mathew Ortegon journal


February 12th

my name is Mathew.


In a long way gone Ishmael's father quotes, "If you are alive their is hope for a better day and something good to happen." What this quote means is that despite the problems you face everyday if you're alive you can always hope for something good to happen or you have another chance to start new again and hope for a better tomorrow. He also quotes, "If there is nothing good left in a person

how ishmael beah escaped death

Ishmael Beah escaped death many times. on his journey to no where he encountered many attacks from the rebels, like that one time where he went to a village to look for food and the rebels came in and attacked everyone and he had to go through a swamp with his friends or the time when he was lost in the forest and he had to escape from an angry herd of boars,he had to climb a tree for safety. he didn't just escape death by running away from something, he had also escaped death by avoiding starvation. he risked his own life to look for something to eat because he was walking for long distances without any food it came to the point where he had to steal some food from little kids and sneak into villages where the rebels were just to look for food and money to buy food, his hunger caused him to do things that he couldn't have done with a full stomach. those are times when Ishmael Beah had to escape death.