Ms. Gleason's Globetrotters

Weekly Newsletter for the Week of September 12th - 16th

And We're Off!

It has been a busy week this week and your little ones are doing an amazing job! Despite working on classroom rules and procedures, we have been working hard in math, reading and writing!

We've been reading "Where the Wild Things Are" this week and learning all about verbs, adjectives, nouns and creating a complete sentence! We created and compared our own wild things in partner groups and learned all about setting! Big stuff so early in the year. I am so impressed with how well we're working and learning together as a class!

A lot of our math work has been centered around these Wild Things too! We've been creating and learning about patterns, collecting and interpreting data and even writing our own story problems about wild things.

Even more impressive, is that we've already started our journey in becoming seasoned authors! Writer's Workshop this week has been quite exciting! We are beginning to learn about how to plan our writing and even began working on revising it yesterday. Our focus in writing is to plan and write small moments of our lives. It's tricky work, but your little ones are doing an outstanding job at it! I am eager to see how the rest of the year progresses with their writing.

Next week, we'll dive into our first science and social studies units as well. Plus, we'll continue to work on math and language arts. As I'm still conducting reading assessments, our focus in reading next week will be mostly phonics and spelling.

Important Information...

Some of you received an applicant information form in your curriculum night paperwork from Mrs. Coster. If you would please fill that out and return it to the front office, we'd appreciate it! As a first grade team, we've decided to hold off one more week on assigning homework. Next Friday, the 23rd, will be the first week Friday Folders will be coming home with homework! Friday Folders will be due the following Friday.

Finally, I wanted to let you know that our classroom is a nut-free zone this year. I received the final allergy information and to ensure everyone is safe and happy, we have to refrain from any nut products in our classroom this year. Thank you so much for your help with this.