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Kennedy-Powell Elementary

October 2016

Kudos & Shout Outs

Kudos to Mr. Robinson on his first Sport Stacking Competition! Our students performed very well. Details will be shared during announcements.

Shout out to Mrs. Shirey, 5th Grade Teachers, and our Activities Team on the wonderful 5th grade performance!

Kudos to our KP Garden Committee members! They don't care what they experience, they are ready and willing to take on this huge task! Alisa, Jason, Samantha, Marci, Laurie, Kelly, Stacie, and John.... You rock!

FYI- For Your information

  • PTO-Amanda Delle Donne will be our staff representative for PTO!
  • PD Day-Please be sure you are registered for a full day of PD on Oct. 10th!
  • Robotics/Legos Classes will begin Monday, Oct. 3rd. If you have one of these students, please dismiss them to A-4 on your way to the cafeteria for dismissal.
  • Due to time constraints, Parent Academic Letters will not be sent with report cards this first time. They will go out towards the end of October per our C & I department. This will allow you time to prep parents for this information in conferences.
  • GATE FYI...If you have questions about grades from GATE teachers, please email the teacher directly. They are also working on starting a parent support group. We will receive information on this later. When scheduling RTI/ Sped/504 meetings on GATE students, we will include the GATE coordinator so our students are represented in all facets of their education.
  • Recess Expectations-All teachers should have eyes on the kids at all times during recess. There should be no more than 2 classes in any area. Teachers should divide and conquer areas for monitoring. Safety and proper use of playground equipment is most important and student interactions should be easily observed at this time. Please do not use recess time to use your cell phone or grade papers. Unstructured time is the most critical time for monitoring and accountability. Our kids require your attention.
  • Awards Assemblies - Beads are available in the workroom. Please remember to follow the script so we can keep our assemblies to 45 minutes. Teach students assembly etiquette prior to attending the assembly. Times are listed below.
  • 8:30-9:15- 4th & 5th, 10:30-11:15-2nd & 3rd, 2:00-2:45-K & 1st


Please develop a classroom reward for your students to reinforce good cafeteria behavior. Next Monday, monitors will begin distributing tickets to reinforce good cafeteria behaviors. Please review the cafeteria expectations as your are preparing for lunch. All teachers should bring their students into the cafeteria and walk them to the cashier before leaving the cafeteria.

  • Please allow kids time to go to the bathroom before lunch. Monitors will only allow students to go in extreme emergencies.

Arrival & Dismissal

  • You, of course, are rocking dismissal and making adjustments when necessary!
  • Please be standing in your doorway to receive and greet students daily at 7:35.
  • Once our last car has been through our car pick up lane, we will begin bringing kids to the front. Please begin calling parents right away when you come to the front.

Upcoming Events

Oct. 3rd Fire Drill/Grades due @4:00

Oct. 4th Retirement Savings Specialist on campus 1:00-4:00

Oct. 5th Report Cards go home/Staff Meeting

Oct. 10th Student Holiday/District PD

Oct. 14th Fitness with Dad

Oct. 17th -21 Book Fair

Oct. 17th Picture Retakes/Awards Assemblies

Oct. 18th Grandparents Lunch K&3rd

Oct. 19th Grandparents Lunch 1st & 4th/Staff Meeting

Oct. 20th Grandparents Lunch 2nd & 5th/Book Fair Night 4:30-7:00

Oct. 24th-28th Red Ribbon Week

Oct. 25th 3rd Grade CAC Field Trip/4th Grade Fall Show 6:00p.m.

Oct. 26th 4th/5th Grade CAC Field Trip /Progress Reports go home

Oct. 28th Student of Month Luncheon

Staff Birthdays

Oct. 15th Jessica Wilds

Oct. 22nd Molly Dutton

Oct. 23rd Zoe Carter

Oct. 27th Kelli Hesse