Global Trade

Devonna Reynolds & Alexus Gittens

Columbian Exchange

- Global transfer of foods,plants, and animals during the colonization of the Americas.

- They acquired foods that had never been seen in Europe such as :

tomatoes, squash, pineapples, tobacco , cacao, maize, and potatoes

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Triangular Trade

1. Europeans send manufactured products to Africa.

2. The manufactured goods are exchanged for slaves.

3. Slaves are shipped across the Atlantic to be sold in the Caribbean.

4.In the West Indies, sugar, coffee, and tobacco are transported back to Europe.

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Africans vs. Natives

The Europeans used Africans instead of Europeans for 4 reasons:

1. Unlike the Native Americans, the Africans had immunity to European diseases.

2.They had prior experience in farming.

3. Africans were unfamiliar with the land, making it hard to escape.

4. Skin color made it easy to capture if they did attempt to escape.

The Columbian Exchange