Parent Handbook 2021-22

Welcome to Sunnyside School!


School Contact Information

School Hours

First Day of School: September 8,2021

School Hours: 9:00am-3:45pm (Parent drop off 8:45am-9:00am)

Early Dismissal Start & Dismissal Time: 9:00am-1:50pm

2 Hour Start & Dismissal Time: 11:00am-3:45pm

Important Dates

Friday, September 3 ~ Kindergarten Parent Orientation & Bus Safety Day @ 9:30am

Tuesday, September 7 ~ Rosh Hashanah (No School)

Wednesday, September 8 ~ First Day of School – WELCOME!

Wednesday, September 8 ~ PTO Popcorn Fundraiser Launch

Wednesday, September 8 ~ PTO Spirit Wear Sale begins

Thursday, September 9 ~ PTO Believe Catalog Fundraiser

September 15 - October 15 ~ Hispanic Heritage Month

Thursday, September 16 ~ Yom Kippur (No School)

Friday, September 17~ Governor’s Summer Reading Challenge Logs Due

Monday, September 20 ~ PTO Meeting @ 6pm - Virtually

Tuesday, September 21 ~ School Picture Day

September 23 & 24 ~ PTO sponsored Scholastic Book Fair

Friday, October 8 ~ PTO sponsored Back to School Picnic 6-8pm

Monday, September 27 ~ Back-to-School Night @ 6pm

Mask Wearing Expectations

Masks are mandatory for all K-4 students inside the building and on school buses.

Mask breaks will be given throughout the day.

Students may take off masks when outside.

Based on the correspondence shared by Mr. Saranich, our Superintendent, on Wednesday August 11:

"Per Governor Ned Lamont's Executive Order #13, all students and staff, vaccinated or unvaccinated, will be required to wear masks indoors at school until September 30th, unless otherwise changed by the Office of the Governor. This mask mandate currently only applies to indoors. Students and staff will not be required to wear masks outdoors unless the individual chooses to wear a mask.

If the Governor rescinds or extends Executive Order #13, the Shelton Public Schools will communicate any changes to the community."

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with this State of Connecticut mandate.

Bus Information

Bus transportation is provided for all students. Bus route information is posted on the Shelton Public Schools' website ( under DEPARTMENTS---> TRANSPORTATION) prior to the start of the school year. Appropriate behavior is expected at all times on the bus. Failure to follow expectations may result in a bus report and possible bus suspension.

Students must wear a mask at all times while on the bus. Students will not be allowed to board the bus without one.

Students are expected to ride their assigned bus, unless a change is necessary for daycare purposes ONLY! Bus changes must be made ahead of time and in writing to the homeroom teacher as well as the main office ( No student will be permitted to change without written consent. Changes to a student's dismissal plan will NOT be accepted after 12:00pm. This is for the safety of all.

If parents have transportation issues or questions contact the Board of Education directly at (203)924-1023, ext 310, or email


Board of Education policy requires that parents/ guardians call the school (203-922-3021) or email Mrs. Porter ( or Mrs. Gleason ( when their child will be absent.

Students are expected to attend school each day school is in session for the entire day. Students arriving after 9:00 will be marked as tardy, unless on a bus. Being late to school is disruptive for all in the classroom. Our instructional blocks will be starting promptly at 9:10am daily and ending at 3:40pm; with 5 minutes to pack up. To ensure a smooth morning transition, please have your child to school on time.

Students have 9 excused absences allotted to them-after that all absences are considered unexcused unless accompanied by a doctor's note.

Students who miss school due to family vacations will not have any work sent with them ahead of time. All work will be made up upon return to school.

Click HERE for the full Attendance Policy.

Make Up Work Procedure for Vacations

For planned absences, such as vacation during the school year, teachers are NOT required to provide students or parents/guardians with advance work or assignments. It is the student’s and/or parent’s responsibility to get the work upon their return. Taking time from school to go on a vacation poses a risk to your child’s educational progress. Both students and parents must understand that when school is missed due to vacations, it is not the responsibility of the teachers to provide remedial instruction for the assignments/content that has been missed.

Absence Verification: 203-922-3021

Board of Education policy requires that parents/guardians call the school when their child will be absent.

  • Attendance is taken daily upon arrival.
  • Automated absence calls go out at 10:30am daily. If a child is absent and no parental notification has been obtained, the parent/guardian will receive an automated call at home, cell phone, or place of work.
  • Students who are absent without any notification will be marked as "unexcused". If a child sees a doctor during their absence, please provide a doctor’s note upon returning to school.
  • A voice mailbox is available for calls at night or early morning for your convenience. When you leave a message, please state the student’s first and last name, the date of the absence, the classroom teacher, and the reason for the absence.
  • The school number is 203-922-3021 or email Mrs. Porter ( or Mrs. Gleason ( when their child will be absent.
2021-22 School Calendar

Click here for the 2021-22 School Year Calendar

Morning Drop Off Procedure

If you bring your child(ren) to school in the morning (either by car or walkers), they must be dropped off at the lower back door near the basketball courts by 9:00am. A staff member will be stationed there each morning from 8:45 am until 9:00 am to ensure the safety of your child(ren). Children will enter the building through the back recess door and proceed directly to their classroom. Parents are not allowed into the building through this entrance.

Parents are not permitted to drive in the front of the building, as this is our Bus Zone. Parking in front of the school during arrival and dismissal times is reserved for buses only.

Cars in the drop off loop must pull all the way up, signaled by our staff. We request that parents stay in their cars and have the student leave the vehicle from the passenger side back door. We try to make this quick and easy for families and avoid a back-up on River Road.

For safety reasons, only students are allowed to enter the building during morning drop off. All students are expected to be in their seats by 9:00am or are considered tardy (if not arriving to school via bus). If the drop off doors are closed, please drive around to the front of the school. Any child(ren) arriving to school after 9:00am, MUST be accompanied by an adult and buzz-in at the main doors. A staff member will assist in signing your child in.

Afternoon Dismissal Procedure

Dismissal begins at 3:45. Adults picking up students will park on the same side of the building as morning drop-off. Please park your car and form a line at the gym doors for signing your child out. You are asked to wait in line. Staff members will dismiss students one at a time. Parents MUST show ID until we have familiarized ourselves with our new families. Parents will not be physically signing out students. Sunnyside staff will check ID and mark students off on a grand list. Anyone not on your child's Infinite Campus profile will not be allowed to take the student home unless we have prior written consent. Any change in the dismissal process (i.e. bus student being picked up by parent, after-school activities such as religious education, Boy and Girl Scouts, early dismissal for a doctor’s appointment) must be written in a note to the classroom teacher. Please remember when entering or exiting our school parking lots that BUSES AND PEDESTRIANS HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY. Passing a bus with its lights flashing is a $465.00 fine.

If changes in dismissal are needed for your child, please inform the school immediately (note to office or classroom teacher) in writing. If during the day an emergency arises, you must call and email the school NO LATER than 12:00pm. We will need something in writing, either a fax or an email to or .We will not accept dismissal changes over the phone. Please do not email the classroom teacher about dismissal changes during the school day, as they are instructing and may not be able to check emails, thus creating a safety issue for your child. All early pick ups must be completed by 3:30 at the office. Anyone arriving after 3:30 will pick up the student at 3:45 in the back of the building.

Unplanned early dismissal

We ask that you DO NOT call the school. It is imperative that our phone lines be kept open for communication purposes during an emergency. It is important to review with your child(ren) alternative arrangements regarding where they should go if you are not home on an emergency early dismissal day. Information regarding emergency delayed openings/early dismissals may be obtained from various radio and television stations or by checking the district website ( In addition, an Infinite Campus message will be sent from the district. It is important to check your emails and/or listen to your voicemail and not just call the school. Please update the main office with any changes to your email or phone number(s) throughout the year. The District website will post times for planned and unplanned early dismissal times.

School Medication Policy

To insure the safety and well-being of all our students, specific guidelines have been established for the safe distribution of medications. If your child requires a prescription or over-the-counter medication during the school day, you must follow the procedures required by the Shelton Public Schools, the Connecticut General Statutes, Sec. 10-212a, and the Connecticut Administrative Regulations, Sec. 10-212a-1 through 10-212a-9. These procedures promote safe practices for students and staff. Students are not allowed to carry medications without a doctor’s order. All medications are kept in the nurse’s office and administered by the school nurse or the designated staff in her absence. All medications administered in school must adhere to the following:

  • Contact the school nurse to make arrangements to drop off medication.
  • NO medications are to be given to a student to bring to school to hand in to their nurse.
  • Medication is brought to school by a parent or responsible adult.
  • Packaged in the original pharmacy container, clearly labeled, with the student’s name, the authorized prescriber, and the prescription information.
  • Given to the school nurse or, in his/her absence, an administrator.
  • Accompanied by a signed authorization from the physician and parent/guardian with the time to be taken, reason and duration. Medication will not be administered without this documentation.
  • Over the counter medications such as Tylenol and sunscreen MUST follow the same procedure. The medication must be in a new, unopened container with a doctor's order.
  • No more than a 45-day supply will be accepted
  • A parent, or responsible adult, must pick up any discontinued medication within one week or it will be destroyed. Unused medication must be destroyed if not picked up by a responsible adult by the end of the last day of school.

Nut Free

We are a nut free school. Please be cognizant of this when packing lunches and snacks for your child. If your child brings in a product containing nuts, your child will not be able to eat it, and it will be sent back home. Please note, we do not have snacks to pass out.

Cafeteria Services

Lunch and breakfast are available each day for all students. The USDA has extended free breakfast and lunch to ALL students for the 2021-2022 school year. A menu will be sent home electronically at the beginning of each month with food choices (subject to availability). Students may also bring lunch from home.

Free and Reduced Priced Meals and Insurance Links:

Dear Shelton Families -

Please find the 2021-2022 information and application for free/reduced price meals/benefits in the links:

Inclement Weather

There may be days due to weather that school is unexpectedly dismissed early. Notifications will be sent via IC messenger email, phone calls, posted on the Shelton Public Schools website ( as well as communication through Social Media. Please be sure to have alternate transportation arrangements made.

Unplanned Early Dismissal:

In the event of an unplanned early dismissal due to inclement weather, we ask that you DO NOT call the school. It is imperative that these phone lines be kept open for communication purposes during an emergency. Please review with your child(ren) alternative arrangements regarding where they should go if you are not home on an emergency early dismissal day. Information regarding emergency delayed openings/early dismissals may be obtained from various radio and television stations or by simply checking the district website ( Please refer to the main website for planned and unplanned early dismissal times

School Attire

Please be sure that your child(ren) are appropriately dressed for the day’s weather. Flip flops, slides and wedges are not allowed in school. Students should be wearing closed-toe and back footwear. Students will be outside for recess as much as possible, weather permitting. Most rooms in the school are not air conditioned, so it can get quite warm in the beginning of the year. Students should dress for playing outside in all temperatures and weather conditions (with the exception of rain/snow) all year long. On days when students have PE, sneakers must be worn.

Student Belongings

  • Students are encouraged to keep toys at home. The school is not responsible for lost items.
  • LABEL your child’s belongs with their full name (lunchboxes, sweaters, jackets, backpacks).
  • If your child brings a cell phone to school, it must remain in their backpack and in the off position.
  • Students may not reenter the building after dismissal to pick up forgotten items.
  • IPads and other electronic devices (including, but not limited to, Smart Watches, Switches, etc.) are NOT to be brought to school.
  • Reusable water bottles are encouraged, but must be brought home daily to properly wash. Non-reusable water bottles will be disposed of daily if they are not taken home.

Showing our Tiger PRIDE

At Sunnyside School, we focus on using proactive strategies to define, teach, and support appropriate student behaviors to create a positive school environment. We use Yale's RULER Program - The acronym RULER refers to the five key emotion skills of Recognizing, Understanding, Labeling, Expressing, & Regulating emotions. Staff embed lessons throughout the year on how to be respectful, responsible, caring and safe. Sunnyside Tigers are expected to show their PRIDE in all areas of the school and on the bus.

Sunnyside Tigers show their PRIDE.They are...

  • Persevering
  • Responsible
  • Individual
  • Dedicated to
  • Excellence

Playground Access & Rules

Students at Sunnyside School have an outdoor recreational playground structure. Rules to ensure our students’ safety are discussed by the classroom teachers. Rules will be reviewed throughout the school year. Students will be able to use the playground equipment. Visitors are NOT permitted to use the playground during school hours; as it is limited to our students during these hours.

Birthday Celebrations

Birthdays are a special day for students. Food items and goodie bags are not allowed to be distributed in school.

Recognition of birthdays at school, while important, should not disrupt the learning process or endanger the health or well-being of any student. We have an increasingly growing number of students who have food allergies. These students, along with other students whose health conditions require dietary restrictions, need close monitoring. We thank you for helping make our school a safe and healthy environment for all students and staff by following these guidelines.

Birthday Books may be purchased in honor of student birthdays and will be added to the school library after the birthday student has a chance to share the book at home! This is a great opportunity to honor their birthday and help Sunnyside expand it's book collection at the same time!

Additionally, parents are welcome to read this special book to the class. Please coordinate with the classroom teacher on the best time for all.

More information will be coming from Mrs. Yacawych regarding how to purchase these books.

Safety Drills - Fire Drills, Lockdowns, Shelter-in-Place and Evacuations

Over the course of the school year, students and staff will take part in various drills to help familiarize them with safe practices during emergency situations. Drills include fire evacuation, lock down, and off-site evacuations. At least one type of drill will be conducted monthly.

Before/ After School Care

Before and After School Care is on site, here at Sunnyside School, and organized by the YMCA. Please contact them directly at 203-732-5527 to answer any questions and register your child. All communication and payments are handled directly by the YMCA, not the Shelton Public Schools.

In addition, The Boys and Girls Club offers before and after care. Transportation is provided by one of our school buses. Please contact them directly for questions and registration at 203-924-9329.

Both program require pre-registration to participate.


  • Students will have access to computers through the day.
  • Technology agreements outline the expectations and usage of school technology, which are signed off at the beginning of the school year.
  • The policy has been updated this school year 2021-22.
  • Misuse of school technology may result in disciplinary action.
  • Computers are for school use only.
  • If a student is quarantined by the school, technology will be available during the quarantine timeframe.

School Reward Programs


Join the thousands of people partnering with Coca-Cola who are making a difference in lives around the world. Watch the video to learn how you can donate codes from your favorite Coca-Cola beverages.

Search by our zip code - 06484 and toggle down until you see Sunnyside School.


Box Tops for Education can be sent in to your classroom teachers anytime throughout the school year. Please submit them in an envelope whenever possible with your child’s name, teacher’s name and number of Box Tops written on the outside. The money we receive through this program will be used to purchase supplies for Sunnyside School. The more Box Tops we collect, the more educational supplies we can buy. The class that collects the most will earn extra recess time! Happy collecting!


Help Sunnyside School earn extra funding by registering your REDcard under Sunnyside School. Parents may register online through the Target website. Target will donate up to 1% of your REDcard purchases at Target stores and at


Sunnyside School is registered for Smile Amazon. It’s another reward program where the school earns a percentage of your purchases when shopping with Amazon. All you need to do is sign into Amazon through and select Sunnyside Elementary School PTO. Once you select Sunnyside School, every time you shop through, it automatically recognizes that charitable organization. It’s the same site as Amazon, and your Amazon Prime subscription works too! The upcoming holiday shopping season is the perfect time to raise money for our school! All proceed will help support our PBIS incentives.

SHOP & SHOP A+ Bonus Bucks

Please register your Stop & Shop card on the Stop & Shop website so that Sunnyside School will receive contributions from your grocery purchases. You will still earn your Gas Points.


1. Go to Stop & Shop website:

2. Click on the A+ in the upper right hand corner.

3. When you get to the A+ page click on the Learn more button.

4. Register your card by responding to the questions about the first 3 letters of your last name and your card number.

5. Continue responding to the prompts until you have confirmed the registration. Please make sure that you select Sunnyside Elementary School as your school of choice. School Code - 06217 OR Send in your 13-digit number, and the name the card is registered under, to the main office.

COVID 19 DAILY Self-Checklist

Click Here Complete this COVID 19 check each morning before your child leaves for school each day. If you reply YES to any of the questions, STAY HOME!! It is imperative that we work TOGETHER to keep our schools safe.


Forget how to submit your work, log onto Google Classroom or Seesaw? Click on this link to Mrs. Yacawych's Toolkit.