Rules of the Internet

Online Safety Tips for Students

Do you know how to behave in the digital world?

The Internet is one of the world's greatest advancements. Just like any other advancements, though, you must know how to use it properly. Sure you know how to behave when you are out with your friends or family, but do you know how to behave in the world of the Internet? Follow these rules to be sure that you are on your best behavior when it comes to being safe and respectful online.
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Never agree to meet someone you've met on the Internet.

Always talk to a parent or a trusted adult if someone asks to meet you face-to-face. Again, the world is filled with both good and bad people. Not everyone has your best interest in mind. Agreeing to meet someone on the Internet could put you and the ones you love in serious danger. If you are not sure about something, talk to a trusted adult about it.
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Protect yourself!

Don't post anything online that you wouldn't want your parents to see. Certain pictures, quotes, etc. are not suitable for the Internet. If you think you would get in trouble if your parents saw what you are thinking about posting, then chances are you shouldn't post it. Exercise responsibility by only posting things that reflect your character. Things that you post that are not a good reflection of your character can be used against you.
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Avoid typing in all caps.

IT LOOKS LIKE YOU ARE YELLING! Sure, you might be excited about One Direction coming to your town or that new iPhone 6, but please, avoid the use of the CAPS LOCK button. You wouldn't want others to get confused and think that you are yelling, now would you?
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Have fun.

Last but not least, have fun while you're on the Internet. Always ask an adult if you uncomfortable with something. You have rules, but you also have rights when it comes to Internet use. Learn the rules, then go have some fun!