Wonder World

It's Time to Have Some Fun!

The Most Amazing Park in The World!

Wonder World has tons of rides and games to play! Our Theme Park has a ride that takes you up into the mountains, you can look at the beautiful view around you. We also have some arcade games that only cost 5 cents! We have a gift shop when you walk in, to purchase all your favorite souvenirs. We also have laser-tag/ obstacle course. Also we have a Los Angeles History Museum. In the middle of our Theme Park we have a water park called Water Morph. In Water Morph we have a couple rides. We have public lockers and public restrooms so you can change and lock your belongings in a safe place while you go out and have some fun! We will also have an area were kids, can go if they don't want to go on a ride that you want to go on. There is also a beautiful view you have to look at the whole time your at Wonder World! We hope you have an amazing time at Wonder World!

By Emma & Ashton