Is Euthanasia On Animals Okay?

Yes or No?

What is Euthanasia?

Euthanasia is the painless killing of a suffering animal from a painful disease or coma. Euthanasia has been used since 1990 when it first became legal. Some people believe that death is part of the life processes which God has created so we should respect them. However animals that are ill and in pain have a way out of it.

It´s necessary if an animal is injured or ill

  • Animals can suffer if they are left in pain
  • A disease could be contagious and wouldn't be healthy for the family or animal
  • Without euthanasia animals will die by suffering in pain
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¨Good Death¨

  • Euthanasia is quick and painless
  • It´s also dignified
  • Other ways would be to shoot the animal, choke it, or drag it

It Doesn't cost much

  • Owners don't have to pay much for their animal to have a ¨Good Death¨
  • Without low cost many animals would be abandend or neglected by their owner if they couldn't pay for it or didn't want to
  • It costs a lot more to have the dog have surgery with a possibility they will live than to put them down with no pain
(Its 65-300 dollars tho euthanize an animal and is around 6,ooo dollars to give the animal surgery)