Last Week of 3rd Grade

Can you believe we are here already?!

Last Week Schedule

Monday - Lego My Monday!

We will explore Lego through reading, math and science! It will be a fun filled day of learning and building! Students are welcome to bring their own small set or bag of Legos for the day. They need to be in a container with their name on the front.

Tuesday - Teach it To Me Tuesday

Students have been in charge of their own learning during Genius Hour the last week. On Tuesday they will become the teachers and will teach us about what they have learned or created. Students are encouraged to dress as teachers for the day.

Wednesday - Wrap it Up Wednesday

We will finish up any work that has not been finished and projects. We will also visit the AR store for the last time and write letters to our future selves! These letters will be sent to the students the last week of school in 2025, just before graduation. If you would like to include a note to your child to be sent out in 2025, just send it to school in an envelope with your family address.

Thursday - Tidy Up Thursday

We will clean, organize and clean some more. We will take breaks to read, sign year books and enjoy each other's company.

Friday - Final Funday Friday!

We will go on a field trip in the morning to the Cambridge theater to see The Angry Birds Movie. Following the movie, our class will come back here for a classroom picnic lunch and Ice Cream Party! All students need to bring a bag lunch. We will end our day signing yearbooks, watching our end of year video and sharing last day stories.

Please make sure you child brings back a fairly empty back pack every day - even the last day. There always seems to be something to get sent home right up to the end. Planners and Take Home Folders should be here every day as well. Thank you!

Angry Birds Movie Field Trip on Friday, May 27th

We will leave right after school starts and drive to the Cambridge Movie Theater. Upon arrival students who bring $5 for snack pack will be given popcorn, their choice of candy and a small pop. There will be no other options for snacks at the theater.

Following the movie the bus will drop our class off at North. We will then have a picnic lunch outside as a class followed by an Ice Cream Treat party!

Students need to bring a bag lunch with beverage and $5 if they wish to have a snack pack at the theater. We are not able to bring chaperones on this trip.

Please email or message me back by Tuesday if your child needs a cold lunch from school for our field trip day.

Workbooks are being sent home. PLEASE have your child use the extra pages to review skills for 4th grade. We have had such an amazing year, I would love to see everyone work hard so they can start off strong in 4th grade.