Technology LV Style

by: Joshua McDonald

Typing Web

In my opinion Typing Web was easy because I had done Typing Web last year so I gained skill from doing it, so now I know how to type

A fun thing about Typing Web is that it is not just boring typing, there mini games that you can play that teach you how to type though a game.

Typing Web may seem boring and everything, but in reality it is pretty fun. In Typing Web there is a scoreboard for your whole class and it is fun trying to beat all your friends in either being the fastest typer or the longest typer in your class.


iTrailer is a feature on a app called iMovie that you would use to make a trailer for a fake movie or if you would want you could make a iMovie to go along with your trailer.

In iTrailer, in the unit, you would make a trailer, either about your family or just yourself.

Also in iTrailer you would work with a story line to go with your iTrailer, all in all it is a fun unit.

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Haiku Deck (hi-koo)

In Haiku Deck you use it to show a slide show.

It also allows you to do a school presentation with words on the pictures so you don't have to right a description below the picture.

Haiku Deck Link

Just a link. :)

Explain Everything

As you can tell from the name of the app Explain Everything has a lot of fun and useful tools to use.

Teachers can use the laze pointer tool to show what he/she is talking about.

Explain Everything is also/mostly used to do or make a presentation.

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Career Locker

In Career Locker it helps you find your 'Dream Job.' It also helps you find a college that does the sort of job you want. It is also fun to work in games that help you pick your job.


In Coding well it teaches you how to code. Sometimes it is fun but other times it requires a whole lot of thinking. The most fun one to me is the 'Code Flappy Bird.'