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The gray wolf or grey wolf also known as the timber wolf, or western wolf, is a canid native to the wilderness and remote areas of North America and Eurasia.

A wolf tale

Sometimes when you finish a story one of the characters has a lot more to say. This happened with Melvin “Wolf” Lobo, a Louisiana Cajun who played a major role in Intruder, my novella about the ghost of a WWII German sailor who finds himself on board a nuclear submarine. When I finished the story I had this to say about Wolf: He returned to his beloved bayou, no longer afraid to meet Old Ben on his own ground. He only saw that particular apparition once again, but Old Ben was not the only ghost haunting those swamps.

I’ve finished two novels since then, Abandoned, which will be published next summer, and Reunion which is currently looking for a home. I had a false start or two when trying to decide what to write next and finally decided it was time to tell Wolf’s story. He’s been nibbling at the back of my head ever since I finished Intruder,but I had to step away from that particular world for a while. Well, Wolf is back home in Louisiana and his tale needs to be told. I know he’s got quite a story to tell because I’m having a boatload of fun writing about him.

To add to the fun, another old friend, Old Mose, a New Orleans voodoo priest from my short story, Fat Tuesday,has joined the party.

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