our motto is...

Dont be a pigeon follow our religion.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Theocracy

  • Benefits - Strict government means lesser crime rates.

  • Drawbacks- Citizens get less freedom

Theocratic countries?

Some are....

  • Saudia Arabia
  • Iran
  • And The Vatican
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2 Characterisrics or facts about government

It follows a religious rule and is very strict and rigid.

Who holds the power.

The founder of the religion and who they worship and the government.

Why is this the best?

This would be the best choice for Iraq because it would most likely stabilize Iraq as a whole. With this type of government everything would be undercontrol in more way than one.


With a Theocracy type of government everything would be stable because it would be under one religious power. Citizens are forced and will receive force if disagreement is involved.