Eagle Eye E-News February 15-19

Ebinport Elementary Faculty and Staff E-News

Ebinport's Vision Statement

Alongside families and our community, we are cultivating and nurturing lifelong learners to excel in an interdependent global society.

What's Coming Up This Week?

  • No School-Enjoy a long weekend

    • 8:30 Front Office Meeting
    • 3:00 Faculty Meeting: 10 minutes from Safety Committee, April Smith with IEP Tips and Test Prep with Brian (Agenda in Canvas)
    • 6:00 SIC Meeting


    • Papa Murphy's Spirit Night
    • Grade Level Meetings with Marco (Agenda in Canvas)
    • 12:00 Rhonda t Winthrop's Career Fair

    • Rhonda at Elementary Principal Meeting


      • Rhonda will be shadowed by a teacher from Oakdale Elementary.
      • 9:30 Rhonda and Brian Meet
      • 1:00 Interview for Spanish Immersion Position

      Future Events

      • February 22-26 Book Fair at Ebinport
      • February 25 Parent Workshop at Ebinport
      • February 26- Spanish Movie Night (We will show Inside Out in Spanish) ALL students are welcome to attend.
      • February 26- Terrific Kid Write-Ups Due
      • March 4 Terrific Kid
      • March 10 Ebinport's Art Show and Chinese Culture Night (All Certified Staff should plan to attend)
      • March 12 (10-12 at Clinton College) and March 15 (6-8 at Sullivan Middle School) School of Choice Fair
      • March 18 Bingo Night
      • March 19 Battle of the Books
      • March 24 7:00 PM PTO Meeting

      Discipline Committee

      Discipline Meeting: 2/2/16

      -How we work


      -What did the teams talk about with teams for consequences?

      -K: 1 time out in the classroom, 2nd time out in another room, 3rd time call parent/write-up

      -1st: 2 things sending straight to the office for: fighting and inappropriate behavior; will call parents for theft which has been an issue; a cool down time is used in another class

      2nd: try to reinforce silent lunch for in class offenses

      3rd: putting kids in different classrooms unless it is defiance that requires a write up

      4th: putting kids in different classrooms unless it is defiance that requires a write up, silent lunch

      5th: parent contact, walking at recess, students write what they have done and parents have to sign-What can be done about a teacher taking a day to stay inside for recess for misbehavior/undone work?

      -Possible behavior plan for RtI: track behavior instead of academics; the paper trail will most likely be write ups until a tier 3 plan is put in place for the child

      -Parents should have to come into school for a conference to develop a behavior plan before your child can come back to school

      -By 2020 the district will possibly be using PBIS

      -All on the committee are encouraged to take the CPI training soon

      -Dr. Turner to possibly come in and talk about the correlation between mental health issues and behavior and what to do because it is huge across the board

      -2 effective things that work: on the spot parent contact and modeling what correct behavior look like

      Student Leadership Committee


      Student Council (Hannah Lunny). Mrs. Selena Hopkins is going to be a Parent Volunteer to assist in planning of projects for Student Council. Plans are in the works for a peer- to -peer conversational program called “Kids for Kids”. The spring project will be a book drive. Next meeting is Feb. 23rd.

      Junior Beta Club (Mandy Riley)

      First meeting was held and was a success. Two parents attended and others sent in items for breakfast. Next meeting is on the Feb. 19th. Members now have official cards. Ebinport is now an official Beta Club Chapter.

      Valentine’s Lollipop Grams will be the first fundraiser. The Lollipop Grams will be $.50 each. Information about the Lollipop grams will be sent home in Thursday folders. Beta members will deliver Lollipop Grams to classrooms.

      Student Ambassadors Student Ambassadors- teachers are reminded that ambassadors are available if you are expecting visitors in the building. They are able to help with Art Show and The Chinese Festival. Just let Mrs. Rutledge know if you are in need of assistance.

      Chinese Celebration: Discussed schedule for performances. It will be divided into three sections. Activities, areas for performances, and grade level/ classes to be used were discussed. There will be dancing, kung fu, and calligraphy. The celebration is set for March 10th. Ms. Chen requested help with downloading videos, and ordering risers. We discussed times for rehearsals, possibly during Ms. Chen’s special class time.

      New Business: Eagle Eye of the Week- Mrs. Vaughn will begin recognizing The Eagle Eye reading buddy of the week for those who do a great job with kindergarten students.

      Sunshine Committee

      * March Tailgate: Bring your “lucky” dish

      Safety Committee

      o What should teachers say to parents who are hanging out after lunch? Thank you for coming to eat lunch today. Please check out at the front office with Ms. Brown, and we hope to see you again.

      o What should teachers say to parents after conferences? Thank you for coming for our conference. Please check out at the front office with Mrs. Brown. If you still have other business in the school, please check with Mrs. Brown to contact that teacher.

      o Rosters need to be taken to each special area class. Please set a routine in your classroom to ensure roster is taken each time. For example: have one student in charge of the roster.

      o It is imperative that teachers who are on duty in the morning be at your designated area time!

      o Recess Cold Weather Policy: If the temperature feels like 40* or below, students should not go outside due to health concerns. Anything above 40* it is up to the teacher’s discretion.

      o Kindergarten, 1st grade and safety patrol will be dismissed at 2:15 when the bell rings. Do not wait for your grade level to be called. The rest of grades will leave when called.

      WIDA Testing

      Zulmarie and Diane will begin WIDA testing for all ESOL students beginning next week. They do not have a set schedule because Diane is between the two schools. Please be patient and understanding as they pull students. Their goal is to get all students tested in listening, reading, speaking and writing in a timely manner so they can go back to small groups. They are testing over 60 students so pulling them will affect instruction but they will do their best to minimize disruptions.

      Security/Cold Temperatures

      Please do not prop open any doors or gates for any reason. This week I received a picture from the district office of one of our outside gates being propped open. If you see anyone from facility services doing this please let me know!

      If it "feels like" it is below 40 degrees outside please have indoor recess. This includes the wind chill factor.

      Beautification Committee


      * Treats for Recycling Team and Litter Bug Busters

      * Prices for large plants

      1. Tray with wheels for up to 13in pots $11.99

      2. Palm trees at Lowe’s 5 ft $14.98

      3. Tried to get prices for: Schefflera (couldn’t find them)

      Ficus (couldn’t find them)

      4. LOST and FOUND items we are waiting for a couple weeks – grade teachers need to put announcement in their newsletter.

      5. Coats in fourth grade hall.

      6. Ms. Nivens will no longer serve on our committee.

      7. ATC no longer selling flowers.


      * Lounge Area is a mess. Refrigerator needs cleaning.

      * Cuttings at fence in the back by the playground need to be picked up and carted off. Who is responsible for cleaning this up? Landscapers?

      * Broken umbrella near Music door needs to be picked up.

      * We need a new co-chairperson to take Ms. Nivens’ Place. We decided to continue without a co-chairperson.

      * Other new business

      * Black pots should be painted.

      * Flowers will be planted sometime around March

      * Third Grade Immersion will create “No Polluting” posters.