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Dionysus's family

Dionysus's mother's name was Semele. His fathers's name was Zeus. He had no children. He was married to Aphrodite.

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Ten facts about Dionysus

1. Dionysus is the god of wine and grapes.

2.his roman name was Bacchus

3.Dionysus can bring people back from the dead

4. Dionysus doesn't like Hera because Hera tricked his mom into dying.

5. Dionysus was raised in the woods by nymphs

6.he is one of the important gods in every day life

7.his followers worshiped him in the woods

8. the Greek plays were meant to be played at his festival

9. the festival of Dionysus was to celebrate the leaves reappearing on the vines

10. Hera sent the titans to kill him because she was jealous because Zeus had kids with different women.

Dionysus - Greek God of Wine

Why I chose Dionysus

I chose Dionysus because he has some of the same personalities as me.he is nice because he grows grapes for all of Greece. he is considerate because he brought people back to life. he also liked parties and went to them all the time.