Lineville Technology

By: Alli VanCaster

Summary of 3rd- 4th quarter Technology

Mrs.Myers had us do projects for the 3rd-4th quarters. Now i'm suppose to write about what I thought of the programs.

Typing Web

What I think about Typing Web is that it is useful. My typing has massively improved.


I think ITrailer is very fun. You can add music,text,videos,ect. I personally like this one the a lot because it makes my pictures and videos into what looks like a huge Broadway production!

Haiku Deck

In my opinion Haiku Deck is a great presentation web site (or app). So if you need to make a presentation I would recommend this web site (or app).

Explain Everything

Explain Everything is a great app (or web site) to use if your trying to explain something. Again it is a great presentation program (this is also good if you don't like speaking in front of a lot of people.

Go Animate

I think Go Animate is really really fun and has to be my favorite because you can make so many great cartoons, or it can be really useful.

Career Locker

Career Locker is a great starting to find a career. Its hard when your younger to pick a job/career, but I think Career Locker really clears up some jobs that you wouldn't like or finds careers you would want. So you know what you might like when you go out into the world.