Air Sports

By Dan Ziegler and Will Drendel

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Description of Air Sports

Air Sports is a competitive company that is always looking to satisfy the customer. Our products include accessories for every known sport. We are on our way to the top for the #1 Sport's company in the world. Buy from us and you won't ever regret it!

Activities of Air Sports

The products of Air Sports include items for sports from anywhere from Soccer to Rugby. We got a loan from a formal NFL player Barry Sanders. The employees that we hire, have to know a lot about sports, be polite to the customers, and let the customers know they are always welcome. The products we sell at Air Sports are all from a sports goods manufacturer in China. The way we let our customers know about our company is mostly through social media and commercials. When the product is scanned and paid for, all the information will automatically go into a database, that tallies the amount of products that were sold, from there the percentage of tax will be determined by the government.

Air Sports is a Partnership

We chose partnership, because of 2 sports fans that loved to buy sport apparel, because of the bigger name companies costing a lot of money, we wanted to give the same stuff for a better price. The advantages for having a partnership is that the work is split and you don't have to do as much work. Another advantage is that the business is easier to establish and start. The disadvantage is that you have to split the profit, and you don't get as much money. Another disadvantage is each partner is liable for the mistakes that the business may have, even if it's not your fault.

Goals of Air Sports

  1. The number one goal is to satisfy the customer.
  2. Have less than 5% rate for returns for our products
  3. Make at least 1.8 Million in sales in the first year
  4. Have more than 5 stores in the U.S
  5. Start having commercials on T.V

Mission Statement

"To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world"
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