Bright Lights-Our First Full Week

Working to improve every day!

Our First Assembly was HUGE!

Talk about getting together-we had a gathering of almost 900 children in the Primary School to share and learn about FILLING EACH OTHERS'BUCKETS. We had the older students mixed in with the younger students to watch a short video and listen to a tune about giving each other a pat on the back and being a friend. Mr. Posick (who created the idea of the whole group event) and I did the presentation and had faith in our children to behave the Merton Way and they sure did! Here's a link to the presentation we shared with the kids.

Words Their Way and how does this program work-we begin the series of articles today.

By this time, you may have heard about your children/child talking about "sorting" words in class. They cut out the words and place them into categories which have similar letter combinations. They have various activities to help them learn about how those combinations of letter work the way they do. Over the course of the next few weeks, I will be explaining more about how this program works and how it makes a difference in the children learning and understanding how letters and sounds work to form words, easy and difficult words.
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What this means at the Primary School and to you at home

In sharing this statement with you, I am hoping to provide you with an alternative to faster is better. In our reading and writing workshops, we promote taking time to think about what is read and written. It is not about more words per minute. Let's consider those words and really understand what has just been read or just been written. Those books before bed are full of unique words, inside stories that you and the kids can connect to, illustrations that are full of ideas, and conversations between you and your children.

Handprints-these are historical and personal

Many of you have seen the handprints around our school from all of the students who have walked our halls. These handprints have been here since 1997. The earliest handprints are of girls and boys who are now 24-25 years old. I personally treasure these as I read the first names of children who are now contributing to our country and around the world. Jackie Kohnert, our school counselor, will be taking the prints of our 5K kids and the new children who have joined our community of learners in a few weeks.
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MAP-Measuring Student Achievement

This week, our children will be taking the MAP assessment. Different grades will be doing this on different days. Grades 3 and 4 will use personal devices-chromebooks, while the other children will be working in the computer lab. These results will be used carefully by our teaching staff in order to make sure our instruction fits what the children need to improve and grow in learning and applying new skills.
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Mike Budisch

Please be sure to contact me directly if there is ever a question, concern, suggestion, or issue that is of imporatnce to you. You can see below all of the ways that you can do this, including seeing me outside at the beginning or end of the day.