Will pollution always effect our planet?


Pollution is contaminants and other harmful chemicals that contaminate the air we breathe. One of the main causes of our air pollution is the use of motor vehicles. The main cause of water pollution is sewage plants.


  1. Pollution is necessary for inexpensive methods of energy
  2. It is helpful when having power in our homes. With out it we would not have power to supply energy to all of our appliances and daily electronic needs.


  1. It is slowly destroying our environment
  2. Animals are going more extinct due to bad contaminants in the air
  3. May cause living things to become sick, or not live as long as we would without air pollution


Pollution is a Global Killer



People should take a stand and try to stop air pollution. Its killing our natural habitat and is making our air not breathable. A lot of people don't pay attention to the way it is effecting our planet when in reality its getting worse as the days, weeks, and months go on. We all need to take a stand and try and fight pollution.

Created By:

Tucker Topel & Kaitlyn Weeks