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Emus are large flightless Australian birds.

The emu’s scientific name is Dromius Novaeehallandiae. Their habitat is the plains of main land Australia.

The emu is 2 metres tall and has very soft feathers, a beak, two wings and very big feet. Emu’s wings are only as big as a magpie’s wings. Their large feet have three toes which help them turn quickly when they run. They can run very fast.

Emu eats plants, young shoots and insects. Sometimes when browsing on plants or insects it might snap and eat small lizards.

Emus are born in an egg. The father incubates the eggs while mother goes to get food. The emu’s eggs are green.

The predator to the adult emu is a dingo. The main danger to a baby emu is the wedge tailed eagle.

Emus are not endangered so the species should be around forever.