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St. Gabriel School ............. September 10 2015

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Frequent Grizzly Links

From the Office
  • Morning Arrival Procedures
  • St. Gabriel Hot Lunch Program
  • Picture Day

From the School

  • New SGS Blogs!
  • Apples for Students - Giant Eagle

Clinic News

  • Preventative Lice Check
  • Attention: Parents of 7th graders

Clubs for Brain Power, Creative Artist, Spiritual Growth and Service and Athlete

  • Grizzly Academy - starts Tuesday, September 8th
  • Chess Club - starts Wednesday, September 9th
  • National Junior Honor Society
  • Debate Club
  • Grizzly Growler Press Corps
  • Band 2015 - 2016
  • Performing Arts Group
  • Drama Club
  • Art Club
  • Student Ambassadors
  • Altar Servers and Mass Readers
  • CYO

From the PTU

  • General PTU info
  • Grizzly Magnets
  • Gym Uniform, Sweatshirts, Grizzly Gear orders
  • Kid Stuff Coupon Book

From the Parish

  • Fall Into Faith with St. Gabriel
  • Communal Penance
  • St. Vincent DePaul Walk
  • Paul Todd Benefit Concert
  • BOK Jr. Leadership Club


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Morning Arrival Procedures -- Safety First

With school now in full swing, we continue to emphasize the safety and operational procedures of Morning Arrival at school. We have created these procedures over the years as proven ways to ensure the safety of all those walking, riding in cars and riding on buses, including students, parents and school staff,m to enter the school campus.

The link below takes you to the procedures and a helpful map of the whole school campus. The following points are especially important"

  • Stay within coned paths and drives, whether walking or driving
  • If you are walking you child into school you must park first in the church parking log, then walk up to the CROSSWALK.
  • Walk in the school front entrance (A3) on the CROSSWALK.
  • When dropping your children off at the back door (C9) have children get out only on the school side of the car. Staff will be there to assist you if needed.
  • DRIVE SLOW ...........

Read all the directions, for yours and your child's safety, on the following link:

Morning Arrival Procedures
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St. Gabriel Hot Lunch Program

  • Begins Tuesday, September 8
  • Operated by Nutrition Services of the Diocese of Cleveland
  • $2.75 -- Cost of hot lunch, which includes main course, 2 fruit/vegetables, milk
  • Monthly Menu posted on school website
  • Point of Sale (POS) system
  • A La Carte for cash
  • Free or Reduced Price application available
  • see Welcome Back Letter and Information for more details and menu

Welcome Back Letter

September Menu

Diocesan National School Lunch Free & Reduced Program

Picture Day

  • All School Picture day will be Monday September 14.
  • Ripcho Studios order envelopes will be distributed at school to each student the week before.
  • See Picture Day Dress Code


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New SGS Blogs!

Our famous St. Gabriel School Blog feeds are now up and running with new postings! Located on our school website home page, the Grizzly Blog link below will take you first to the main GBN Event Blog. But make sure you take a look also on the left side menu to view the blogs "Alumni Spotlight", "Fr. Fred Messages", our wonderful and impressive "Grizzly Growler Student Blog", the Honor Roll, and the "Learning Loft" Blog!"

Grizzly Blog.

Apples for Students

Register your Giant Eagle Advantage Card® and use it every time you shop at our stores to raise funds for your school!

Our school code is 2831

It’s Easy to Register!

  1. Sign in to gianteagle.com or create an account.
  2. Register your Giant Eagle Advantage Card® online.
  3. Visit the My School Programs page and enter the code of the school that you’d like to receive points. You can also register to earn points for more than one school! Don’t know your school code? Search for it by name, city or zip code.
  4. You’re done! Be sure to encourage your family and friends to register, too.


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Preventative Lice Check

The clinic is looking for some parent volunteers to help do our preventative lice checks, which take place three times a year (September, January, and final one following spring break).

If interested please e-mail the school nurse at: colleen.beck@st-gabrielschool.org or call the clinic at 354-7866.

Thank you, Colleen Beck

** First head check planned for September 8th and 9th **

Attention: Parents of 7th graders

ALL 7th grade students are required by State Law to receive the Tdap booster. ALL Tdap immunizations are to be submitted to the school clinic by September 15th.

Thank you to ALL who have already complied. If you have any questions, or uncertain if you already submitted Tdap record, please contact Colleen Beck at 354-7866 or e-mail at: colleen.beck@st-gabrielschool.org.

CLUBS and EXTRACURRICULARS for Building Brain Power

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Grizzly Academy--Starts Tuesday, September 8

St. Gabriel School's Grizzly Academy provides an excellent opportunity for St. Gabriel 4th - 8th grade students to complete homework, studying and reading in a quiet working environment. Grizzly Academy is available four days a week, Monday through Thursday, from 2:40 - 4:00. In addition, opportunities to work on project-based learning and group work will be available in the new Grizzly Learning Den on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The program is facilitated by St . Gabriel School teachers, who provide supervision, allow for the appropriate use of technology, and assist with clarification of students' questions.

Grizzly Academy is an excellent opportunity for busy students to complete homework and group work right after school, freeing up precious evening time for family, sports and a myriad of other activities. It also provides peace of mind for parents, knowing their children are supervised by St. Gabriel teachers and studiously completing homework and other academic activities in a quiet environment. Students must arrive at Grizzly Academy ready and willing to work on their school work. If students do not follow the rules they will not be allowed to attend the Grizzly Academy. Please note, this is not a tutoring program.

  • Staffed by St. Gabriel School teachers
  • Mondays through Thursdays from 2:40 - 4:00
  • $8.00 per session
  • First Session is Tuesday, September 8, 2015
  • Registration Form required

If you have any questions regarding the program, please stop by the office or contact the coordinator, Linda Oster, at linda.oster@st-gabrielschool.org

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CHESS CLUB--September 4 Final Registration for Fall

CHESS CLUB STARTS WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 9TH! It will meet on Wednesdays for 8 weekly sessions after school, starting September 9, from 2:30-4:00pm. Instruction will be provided by Progress With Chess, a local non-profit organization with chess programs in over 50 Northeast Ohio school, including St. Raphael, Communion of Saints, Notre Dame Elementary, St. Dominic, Metro Catholic, St. Ambrose, and Incarnate Word Academy.

All St. Gabriel students, grades K-8, are invited to learn the ancient game of chess. Many studies have shown that playing chess improves higher level thinking skills, such as concentration, pattern recognition, logic and problem solving.

Chess club teaches fundamental knowledge and skills, and then the strategies to use this knowledge and skill. Students start at their own level, and have time to practice, and grow and improve. According to the diversity of skill levels, students will be given individual attention in smaller groups with more than one instructor, allowing better and quicker progress.

Chess Club Registration Form

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National Junior Honor Society

We are very excited for the 2015-16 school year to be the inaugural year for the St. Gabriel School chapter of the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS)!

Membership is open to 7th and 8th grade students who meet the required standards in five areas of evaluation: leadership, service, citizenship, and character. Standards for selection are established by the national office of NJHS, and the St. Gabriel Faculty Council. Students are selected to be members by the 5 member Faculty Council and appointed by the principal.

The students who first meet the scholarship criterion are then invited to complete a Student Activity Information Form that provides the Faculty Council with information regarding the candidate's leadership and service. A history of leadership experiences and participation in school or community service is also required.

  • Students with a 3.4 or higher GPA (last year, second semester) are academically eligible and will receive a Student Activity Form and more detailed information by next week.
  • The selection process to determine full eligibility begins after the forms are returned..
  • A five member Faculty Council reviews all the criteria for membership.
  • Membership will be set by late September.
  • Induction ceremony will be held in early October.

Once inducted, new members are required to maintain the same level of performance (or better) in all five criteria that led to their selection. This obligation includes regular attendance at chapter meetings help monthly during the school year, full participation in the chapter service project(s), and completion of an individual service project.

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Debate Club

The St. Gabriel Debate Club helps students understand how to debate and why it is such an important skill. Students study many different aspects of debate such as the "art of arguing", how to research facts to enhance an argument, popular topics to debate, and how to apply debating to everyday life. Students learn such skills as

  • the right kind of physical actions to use
  • how to include data in an argument
  • how to do a rebuttal correctly
  • how to observe and critiques persons in the public arena, such as presidents, and congressmen and congress women.

Debating is also important if students plan to join mock trial club in high school, which competes with other schools in a courtroom setting. Debating is actually used everywhere, and can lead to very heated, but very intellectual conversations with others when it comes to areas such as religion, politics and sports.

The Debate Club will begin this fall, and meet monthly after school throughout the year, from 2:30-3:30pm. and is open to Grades 6, 7, and 8. Parents must pick up students at 3:35pm. For more information, contact Mr. Eric Butler, at eric.butler@st-gabrielschool.org.

Debate Club Information and Registration Form

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Grizzly Growler Press Corps

St. Gabriel has its very own student newspaper, the Grizzly Growler, and student Newspaper Press Corps. Fifth through eighth students are invited to help report school happenings and write feature articles in print and on the Grizzly Blog, using technology devices and cameras to create high quality journalism and other presentations.

Benefits are strengthening research and writing skills, learning about different aspect of media such as reporting, photography, and graphic design. Student also learn leadership skills and interpersonal skills.

The Grizzly Press Corps will start next Wednesday, September 8, and meet twice a month after school on Wednesdays this year with Ms. O'Neill and Mrs. Glauser monitoring. See Information flyer and registration form below, or contact Mrs, Glauser for more information, at mary.glauser@st-gabrielschool.org

Grizzly Growler Info and Registration Form

CLUBS and EXTRACURRICULARS for the Creative Artist

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Band 2015-16


St. Gabriel School has an excellent, highly reputable, in-school band program for Gr 4-8, through Music Alliance. Please check out our newly updated band website at:


Find out about our wonderful program, watch videos demonstrating all the band instruments, discover links about the importance of music, and more!

Students in 4th and 5th grade can join, and for this year only--even 7th graders can join. Students brand new to the school can inquire also about joining.

Go to the website to find out more and/or email Mrs. Gaeta the band director, at stacey.gaeta@st-gabrielschool.org.

7th/8th graders: Band starts the first week of school

Returning 5th/6th graders: Band starts the second week of school

4th/5th grade Beginners: Band starts the week of Sept. 14th

Performing Arts Group

St. Gabriel has a special Performing Arts Group for 6th, 7th, or 8th graders. The Group performs a spring musical, led and directed by Mrs. Andrea Karpuszka and Mrs. Michelle Kuch. Pasts musicals have included Annie Jr, Oklahoma, and Seussical Jr.

Any students who wish to audition for the school musical are welcome. Auditions will start in November, and rehears this year will be on Monday and Thursday's after school until 4:30. This year's musical will be on April 15th, 16th and 17th. More information will be sent home in October. For more information contact Mrs. Karpuszka at andrea.karpuszka@st-gabrielschool.org.

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Drama Clubs

Drama Club Returns with Treasure Island!

Geauga Lyric Theater Guild is delighted to be able to partner with St. Gabriel Elementary again this year to provide an after school drama club program. The first semester will be for grades 4 & 5 students only. (A second session starting in February will be for grades 2 & 3) We will meet on Mondays after school until 4:30 to prepare the musical Treasure Island to be performed on the Geauga Theater stage in late January. Flyers with additional details and registration forms are available at the school office and in the classroom for those interested.

Deadline : September 9th.
I am excited to be returning and look forward to seeing "old friends" and making new ones!

Julie Douglass from GLTG Education Division


NOTE: "Kids Love Musicals", a drama program and experience for grades 1 and 2, will be coming this fall.


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Art Club

Art Club is an after school activity that allows students a greater chance to explore art materials, processes, projects, etc. We offer two separate six week sessions. This club is open to St. Gabriel students, 2nd grade and up. We meet on Thursdays after school in the Art room, from 2:30-3:45pm. Art Club is $60 per session. The dates for the two separate sessions are listed below.

1st Session--Thursdays, 2:30--3:45pm

Oct. 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th & Nov. 5th

Information and Sign Up Form will come out soon!

CLUBS and EXTRACURRICULARS for Spiritual Growth and Service

Student Ambassadors

Mrs. Alicia Henrikson and Mrs. Michelle Clarke organize students from 7th and 8th grades that help with greeting, and giving tours during school Open Houses, Catholic Schools Week, and the annual Links Fore Catholic Educations Golf Outing. Homeroom teachers appoint these teachers.

Students are selected based on responsibility, work ethic, and commitment to being a gracious and welcoming Christ-like servant leader in the school. Contact Mrs. Henrikson at ahenrikson@st-gabriel.org, or Mrs. Clarke michelle.clarke@st-gabrielschool.org, for more information.

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Altar Servers and Mass Readers

St. Gabriel School is very blessed to be part of the St. Gabriel Parish community. This enables students to participate in weekly Eucharistic Liturgies, and many prayer services and sacramental celebrations throughout the year.

Fifth through eighth graders are invited to take training and sign up to be Altar Servers and Mass Readers for school,and also parish Masses. Ms. Maureen Dowd, mdowd@st-gabriel.org, leads these groups and schedules training through the parish.


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Catholic Youth Organization (CYO)

St. Gabriel CYO sports strive to help our youth develop the values and character of Christ as love, and the outpouring of self for the benefit of others. We teach "no regrets" where success is defined as giving. Sports are offered for students in grades 3-8. Athletes are coached by parents and volunteers.

St. Gabriel's CYO consists of many sports programs. These include:

Football, Cross Country, Volleyball, Basketball, Wrestling, Soccer, Baseball, Fast Pitch Softball, Track, Cheer.

Watch for announcements for sign-ups, or check out the CYO Grizzly website:

CYO GRIZZLY WEBSITE: www.st-gabrielcyo.org

For more information contact: Mike Pecjak, CYO Athletic Director, at grizzlycyoad@gmail.com.


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Important PTU Information

All PTU Information and forms can be accessed through the PTU Website

Grizzly Magnets

Grizzly Magnets available for $6

Send payment to Grizzly Den c/o PTU, enclose your students name and homeroom for magnet deliver.

Gym Uniforms and Uniform Sweatshirts

Gym Uniforms and Uniform Sweatshirts Order Deadline Sept 4th click here for order form

Order Form - Uniforms

Grizzly Gear Order Deadline Sept 4th click here for order form

Order Form - Grizzly Gear

Kid Stuff Coupon Book

idStuff Coupon Books were on the desks of our youngest/only students in each family at Orientation for students in grades K – 5. THANK YOU to those families who have either paid for their books in support of our PTU or have returned them to the school. If you have not already paid for your book or returned it at orientation/sent it in with your child, PLEASE DO SO AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Trying to decide whether or not to purchase the book? Consider the following facts:

*PTU earns half ($12.50!) of the sale of EACH book, which in tern benefits you and your child(ren) through the PTU discounts on field trips, Patterson Family Fun

Night, BINGO night and other great PTU sponsored events.

*There are several coupons offered that earn you the cost of the books back in ONE coupon!

*In addition to the many coupons in support of children/families, there are MANY coupons for many of our (parents’!) favorite retailers, restaurants and activities!

*Purchase or sell 5 books and your original one is FREE! They make great gifts for Christmas, birthdays, a new home or a hostess gift!

If your student(s) are in 6-8th grade and you are interested in purchasing a PTU coupon book, you will receive a flyer sometime next week with regard to how you can order a book OR please email Kate Kelly at katekelly4@att.net. Our official sale ends Friday, September 11, 2015, although coupon books will be available for purchase through Friday, October 30, 2015.


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Fall into Faith with St. Gabriel

Join us for these faith building and service opportunities this fall!

For more info: www.St-Gabriel.org

Fall into Faith with St. Gabriel Events Flyer

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BOK Jr Leadership Club

  • BOK Jr (Building of the Kingdom Jr) is open to ALL 6th-8th graders in St. Gabriel Parish
  • It meets the first Tuesday of each month from 2:30-3:45 in the MPR
  • The primary goal of BOK is to help the youth to grow closer to Christ and our community through social, spiritual and service activities. Our foremost focus is SERVICE, and coordinates so well with Pope Francis’ vision of service!
  • Each month has a different Service focus and leadership skill taught to the preteens, as well as learning different methods of prayer.
  • Information and registration will be available on the St. Gabriel School and Parish websites. For any questions, please contact Mary von Carlowitz at mvoncarlowitz@st-gabriel.org

Submitting School News, Memos, and Information

If you wish to have something included in the Weekend Virtual Back (VB) or the Weekday News and Notes, or any of our shorter email memos, please contact our Communications Coordinator, Michelle Clarke, at michelle.clarke@st-gabrielschool.org. All items must be approved and follow our policies. Thank you!!

St. Gabriel Catholic Elementary School

We are being Christ every day, everywhere, through teaching, learning, leading and serving.