• Play basketball
  • Listen to Music
  • Draw
  • Watch sports; Football & Basketball
  • Hang out with friends
  • Shop

How Many Ways I'm Smart

I am smart in three ways:

  • Body Smart; Means I express myself through movement.
  • Music Smart; Means I appreciate music.
  • People Smart; Means I am able to relate to and understand others.

Learning Style

My general learning style is learning by hearing.-- 42.6%

My math learning style is learning by seeing the problems.-- 62%

My social learning style is learning with others.-- 60%

My 3 Career Clusters

  • Education & Training
  • Human Services
  • Art, Audio/Video technology & Communications

My Dream Job

Professional Athlete

-$17,120-$166,400 ; National Average

Classes to take in high school; Health & Fitness

School Subjects & Holland Code

My school subjects I'm strong at is English & Math.

My Holland Code is Social.