Study Tips!

- Alyssa Pabers -

Taking Notes!

Taking notes is very important, you must have something to study from! Writing things down in your own words can help you to understand them easier. Make sure to focus on the teacher and write down specific words and phrases. Use abbreviations when taking down notes while someone is speaking.

Key to Success

  • Try not to cram your studying all in during one time frame
  • Plan specific times for studying and keep the same times each day
  • Use worksheets and activities to interact while studying
  • Eliminate any distractions while studying

Where to Study?

Where you decide to study should always be:

  • available to you
  • free from interruptions
  • distraction free
  • all materials needed on hand
  • enough area to study
  • comfortable for you


  • Study throughout a course of time, not all at once.
  • Add a little bit more to your studying each time you revisit the topic.
  • Organize your information into a way that flows while you study.
  • Try to relate the information being learned into your life, this is elaborative rehearsal and it works by connecting new information to memories already encoded and stored.
  • Reread and repeat what you are learning multiple times, just looking at it and reading it once isn't going to make you a master. Drill and practice, the repetition helps you interpret it better.
  • Use visual representations and graphics to help remember the information.