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Our activities in the first 6 months

Both our Retention Project Coordinator and our VISTA/Service-Learning Coordinator have been busy with their own individual projects as well as assisting each other with sustainable programs in addition to developing new projects for the future. Meeting weekly, our Retention Project Coordinator and VISTA check in to discuss professional and personal growth regarding their programs and how those programs can grow with the changing faces at Spokane Community College as well as the community.

Service-Learning College Day for Logan Elementary

May 30th, a new implemented event effectively named Service-Learning College Day, Spokane Community College hosted two 6th grade classes from Logan Elementary in 6 engaging in college classroom activities. Forty-eight 6th graders participated in age-appropriate hands-on activities of “Building Bridges” for Diversity, “Historical Anthology” for History, “What is Family” for Marriage and Family, “Geology and how it Rocks” for Science, “Engines and how they run” for Automotive, and “Microbiology” for Science. Four out of two of these classes were in actual college classrooms on campus of SCC, therefore 6th grade students were experiencing a day in the life of a college student by walking to buildings near and far. SCC’s mascot, Skitch made an appearance in the morning to greet the students, lunch was eaten in the Sasquatch conference room and at the end of the day all students received a Certificate of Completion for attending Service-Learning College Day.

Here are some comments from 6th graders attending today’s event and their responses when asked if they would do it again:

“I would do this again because I want to learn more things.”

“Yes. Because I didn’t get judged when I made a mistake or for what I liked.”
“It made me realize that I had a better future if I knew I had more knowledge.”

Staff at Student Success & Career Services Department

Mission Statement: To promote collaborate partnerships that support innovative educational opportunities for a diverse workforce which increase local and regional competitiveness.

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