Assess Students, Students Assess Themselves


  • To assess learning
  • To gather data
  • To make instructional decisions based on that data

Role of Teacher

In the Evaluate Phase the Teacher assesses the students' development as well as the effectiveness of the lesson. The goal is to answer, " Were the objectives taught and learned"?

Role of Students

Students assess their own knowledge, skills and abilities.

How does the Evaluation phase support constructivist learning?

Students should be reflective about what they have learned and be self assessing at this phase. In a technique such as journaling the student will be incorporating the knew knowledge with prior knowledge to help make sense of it. The students are creative in many of the assessments, such as the presentation technique as well as journaling, writing a song, or a play. With the evaluation phase the possibilities are nearly endless; the students' can create anything that shows the teacher that they have grasped the concepts.