Mrs. Skjeie's Classroom Spotlight

By Mrs. Skjeie's Fifth Grade Class

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Mrs. Skjeie

by Keerthana / Sofia

Mrs.Skjeie (pronounced Shay) has been working 4 years at Elmonica and has been teaching for 6 years. 5 of those years have been spent teaching 5th grade.

She is a very nice teacher and she always makes sure we are not behind on our work. Like when we are in breakout rooms she always comes in to make sure we understand.

Mrs. Skjeie’s favorite food is chocolate milk and peanut butter! She also likes reading books like Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. She really likes traveling to countries too! And her favorite movie genre is superhero movies!

Mrs.Skjeie also has an adorable puppy called Mose. His breed is a Great Dane. They can grow very tall! In class, we can sometimes see Mose walking behind Mrs. Skjeie and trying to get on her lap!


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Our Class

by Mia

Team work

We love to work hard. We even do our own Wednesday Meeting in case other students need help so we can help them out.

Activities we like to do

After our Wednesday meeting we like to play Kahoot or play games like Among Us or Roblox. We also like to share Code Spark codes.

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Bob Loves Math

by Soren and Gabriel

At the beginning of the school year, we started out doing multiplication and division, using whole numbers, up to the trillions. We also learned about place value at that time.

Then we learned about exponents and how to use them. Another thing we did in class was learn about the order of operations, and how parentheses and brackets are used.

Right now we are learning about decimals and how they are related to fractions.

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Nothing Like a Gook Book

by Claire

We just entered a new reading unit on story elements. We look for details like the setting, characters, character traits, and plot, conflict, and resolution. One of the books we used is called Tía Isa Wants A Car. The book is about how Tía Isa and her niece save up enough money to get a car.
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Lots to write

by Gabriel

In Mrs.skjeie’s classroom we learn to write about many different topics. We’ve written narratives, informational books and even informational chapter books. We have learned new words and better paragraphing, punctuation and spelling.

Right now we are looking at character traits.

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Science: Masses

by Nathaniel & Braeden

What is better to see? Is it a gas or a liquid or solid? Yes I know you can see solids and liquid but you can also see gasses. In science we learned about mass and liquids solid and gases.
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Coming Up!

By Evi

Hi Elmonica students! Thank you for hanging in there! I know that Online school is a little hard but finding out what is coming up next is being made a little easier! Is finding the school assembly a little challenging? Don’t worry! Now you can find all the Elmonica elementary assembly videos with this link!

Elmonica Youtube


In less than a month { March 17th, 2021} is St.Patrick's day. My favorite way to celebrate St.Patrick’s day is to eat green foods! Don’t forget to wear green! On March 22 we will have one week off for spring break! Yay!


The first Sunday in April is easter {April 4th}

New classes start April 5th.

No school days

2/24, 3/22-3/26, 4/16, 4/28, 5/31 the last day of school is June 18th!

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Social Studies: Race and Red Lining

by Marielle & Abigail

Since we are in 5th grade now, our teacher Mrs. Skjeie has taught us equality, black rights, change-makers, and red line. But why did we need to know all of this stuff? As we are growing up, we might notice that people are being unfair and racist. We learned about those things so we can know how to stop it.

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Fun things we do In Mrs.Skjeie's

by Tanay and Citlaly

Sometimes sitting In a class all day can be boring, but in Mrs. Skjeie’s class, there is always a time when we have fun. I’m going to tell you some fun things that we do In Mrs. Skjeie’s class. That always brings up a good mood. One fun thing we do In Mrs.Skjeie’s class plays Kahoot, Kahoot is a website that has tons of fun quizzes to do.

Another fun thing we do is Codespark. In Codespark, you can make fun games, then you can play other people’s games by typing their game code in Codespark. You can also like👍 games, which you can play later. There are also block coding and skill games on the website. You also can choose the name of the game and get coins if other people play your games. Coins are used to buy more materials for your game. You also can make a story and buy characters, or a radio. You can take a picture and use that as a character or record.

We also use dreamboxDreambox when we are bored. You do the math and after a few lessons, you can play a game. Each lesson, depending on the number of correct answers you get coins that you can use to customize your background and music. You can also earn badges.

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by Abraham

Hello everyone! Our class has been learning about the dangers of drugs and I will tell you a few drugs and what the bad things that they can do to your body.

# 1 Smoking! Smoking is a terrible thing to do. Smoking can cause trouble breathing, failing lungs, lung cancer and a lot more.

#2 Hallucinogens! Hallucinogens are a different type of drug that can make you see stuff that are not real and that is called paranoia it can also cause you to have trouble speaking.

#3 Depressants! Depressants are a type of drug that can make your heart rate go slower which could kill you .

#4 Good drugs and bad drugs! The medicine that doctor gives you is drugs BUT those can help you and others with pain or other things and bad one are like the one I listed above .

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Elmonica Elementary Class Spotlight

The mission of Elmonica Elementary is that together we promote high standards by:

· Practicing critical thinking skills through inquiry.

· Acquiring in-depth knowledge of globally significant ideas.

· Appreciating the unique qualities of each person, creating empathy, compassion, and international-mindedness.

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