Health & Wellness

November 5th, 2021

Hello D6 Families!

With the cold weather brings more common colds! Many of us here at D6 are parents as well and can relate to the frustrations COVID-19 can cause during cold season. Please know that everything we are doing is to help keep all of us safe and healthy!

COVID-19 Vaccines

This week the Pfizer vaccine was approved for children ages 5-11. We have received many questions already about the vaccine from students, staff, and families.

Some important things to note:

  1. The vaccine will not be offered at school at any time. However we are working to host a vaccine clinic for students and their families to receive the vaccine if they want to. This clinic will be similar to ones we have hosted in the past.
  2. At this time, the vaccine is not required for students. COVID-19 vaccination status will not affect your student's compliance status in regards to required health records.
  3. As more information is learned about COVID-19 and the vaccines, I will update our families with any changes.