Antonio Vivaldi

1678-1741 Marisa B.

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Early Life

Antonio Vivaldi was born in Venice 1678. He was born into a family with four brothers and four sisters. Right when Vivaldi was born he was baptized because his family was afraid he would die ( in his time not many babies survived because of bad heath or having no food). At an early age Vivaldi's dad taught him how to play the violin since his dad was a violinist at St. Marks. We also know that Vivaldi had an Asthma problem, but they called it tightening of the chest.
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Map of Venice

This is a map of Venice where Vivaldi taught young poor girls to sing. Vivaldi taught at Ospedale della Pieta or Hospital of Mercy. It was called that because it was attached to a hospital. At that school was where he wrote hundreds of compositions for the girls to sing in the choir or play in the orchestra. one group of girls he taught became famous all around Europe, the people who came were very surprise by the young girls playing. After forty years of working he left to move to Vienna to work for a former friend (Charles VI)
Four Seasons ~ Vivaldi

Vivaldi's Music

One of Vivaldi's greatest's work was the Four Seasons. The Four Seasons is played by violins, they use violins to show which season he is trying to portray. For example , for Spring Vivaldi represented birds chirping by playing two violins softly. After Vivaldi died many people forgot about his music until fifty years ago, a popular violinist Louis Kaufmann played one of Vivaldi's music on radio. Today we can choose from over one hundred recording of he Four Seasons.

Vivaldi's other pieces


Vivaldi's legacy

Vivaldi was a great composer, he is remembered mostly for his Violin concertos(200). Vivaldi also wrote 500 concertos for all of his instruments.Vivaldi had a big part of music when he was alive and lots of people loved his work.


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