Tree information

by: Noah brunson

texas red oak basic descriptions

common name- Texas red oak grow rate- moderate climate- southern full height- 90 feet leaves description- they are green with red spots and little spikes at the span- 50-100 yearsroll in the ecosystem- they provide oxygen for people on earth.

texas red oak information

what organism are biotic on the tree?

the biotic organisms on the tree are birds, insects, and other bugs.

Limiting factors that keep the tree from growing?

The limiting factors that keep the tree from growing is in the winter when the ground is frozen, the limiting factor that keeps it from reproducing is when the parasites live in the tree and they keep the tree from reproducing and even surviving.

What parasites affect it? Birds, insects, and other types of beatles

what abiotic factors does it need to survive?

In order for the tree to survive it need plenty of rain, sunlight because without water the tree will dry out and without sunlight the tree would not be able to grow.

Long term affect on tms- it will keep our school green and it will keep our school looking nice.

Planting process- it is best to grow the texas red oak in the summer right before fall starts. It will probably take a few months to grow so you do not want to plan t one around winter time because it will most likely not grow.

red cedar basic descriptions

common name- red cedar

growth rate- moderate

life span 50 or more years

full height-70-100 feet

climate- eastern/southern

leaves-green and spikey


reproduction method- They reproduce in the spring time when the dependent organisms are not eating food from the tree, and the leaves grow back from the cold winter.

red cedar information

What organisms are dependent on the red cedar tree?

the dependent organisms on the red cedar tree are birds to eat the worms, worms to eat the leaves, and squirrels to eat the nuts.

Limiting factors that prevent the tree from growing, reproducing and surviving

red cedars will not grow in the winter time due to the frozen ground, the parasites that live on the tree will keep it from reproducing because they will continue to eat all of the nuts and fruits on the tree, and in the winter the leaves will not grow so it will keep it from reproducing and surviving.

What parasites affect it?

worms affect it because they are eating the leaves on the tree, the birds affect it because they are eating the worms, and squirrels affect it because they eat the nuts on the tree.

what abiotic factors does it need for survival? It needs water and sun for survival in order to grow because just like every other plant it will not survive or grow without sunshine and water.

effects it will have on the timberview environment- It reduces pollution for our environment, it will keep our school green,it makes it look nice outside,and it will provide food for parasites

roll in the ecosystem

It will provide food for parasites, it will provide food for herbivores and it is a very good producer for the food web.

planting process

it is best to plant these in the summer time right before fall and that is when it will get the most sun so it will grow faster. both of these trees will take a little while to grow, while it is growing you need to make sure that they both get plenty of water. In order to survive it need planty of water and nutrients.