Finland Project

By Hailey Johnson 4V


Finland is on the European continent and has Russia, Norway, & Sweden surrounding it.Finland is also just South of the Artic Circle, The Gulf of Bothnia between Finland & Sweden. Finland also has The Aland Islands, and The Mountains of Lapalan


The official languages spoken Finland are Finnish & Swedish. The major holidays are Indepencence day, Christmas Eve, Christmas, and Second Christmas. There main religion is Lutheran. The popular food is Bread Cheese it is oven cooked cheese that squeaks when you bite into it, served with cloudberry jam.

Some pictures of Finland and some other intresting things


Economy & Climate

The country is a rich country, with a GDP of 267.3 . The money they use is called Euros. The biggest export they have is trade. Litaracy rate- 100%, Birth rate-1.80 births per woman, life expectancy- 80.63 years, drinking source is a water plant in Helsinki. 17 degrees celcius is an average all year long. 17 - 28 inches of rain every year. The climate is effecting there trade system because crops can't grow.


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