Carson Staff Happenings

Week of 11/16/2015

Carson Calendar

11/13 Report Card Posting Opens

11/13 No Fly Friday because of Veterans program on Wednesday

11/13 Barn Hill Animals @ 8:30am - bring your class to cafeteria

11/13 RtI Meetings

11/16 Call home to EE and EE winners for 2nd six weeks

11/16 Report Card Window closes at 5pm

11/17 Sign Grade Verification with Candace

11/18 Schmalz Baby Shower @ 3:15

11/18 Thanksgiving Luncheon

11/19 By Thursday turn in six weeks awards spreadsheet to Melissa and Jeans Day

11/20 Six Weeks Awards during Fly Friday - All teachers attend

11/20 RtI Meetings -

11/20 JA in a Day - 3rd-5th Grades

November 23-27 Thanksgiving Break!!!!!!!

12/3 Christmas Party @6pm @Dos Chilis

12/4 Kinder Music Program During Fly Friday



11/19 Jeans day for completing the six weeks checklist below.


1. Complete grades and citizenship in Skyward.

2. Sign Attendance & verify grades with Candace on Tuesday.

3. Turn in Six Awards spreadsheet, found on the staff tab, to Melissa Wynn. She is

keeping record of these. I will get them from her for the awards assembly. This year the awards assembly is the day after you send home report cards. All spreadsheet have to be turned in by Thursday at the latest so I can create the Prezi.

4. Pick up dog tags from Melissa. Each student only receives 1 chain per year.

5. Turn in a copy of your tutoring attendance sheet for 2nd six weeks to Farris. If you did not tutor anyone, I still need you to turn in a sheet and write you did not tutor anyone.

6. If you have students that have a 75 or below on their report card invite them to

tutoring. The report card is a great place to put it. The letter is found on staff tab.

7. Fill out the colored sheet in your box about your EE and EE. Bring with you to the awards assembly on Friday.

8. Call your Extraordinary Eagle and Extra Effort and let them know they will receive an award during Fly Friday on November 20th. This is the day after you send home report cards this year so you need to call by Monday November 16th to give parents advance notice.

9. You may wear jeans on 11/19 for completing all the steps above :)