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Weekly Faculty and Staff Bulletin 12/7 - 12/11

A Message from Keoki

Dear Faculty and Staff,

I am excited to announce the launch of our new website. This was one of the initiatives that were put into place to improve communication and to also promote our school. Our old website has been merged with the new one and its live. Please check it out

Embedded in the new website is a video that was made to highlight and promote our school. Its an aggressive effort to try to attract new students, but its also an effort to capture the essence of our school. The history of 'Aikahi has always been about the arts. Our school is filled with mosaics, legacy projects and art work. There are many stories of the amazing curriculum fairs, plays and theatrical productions. My passion is to provide that sort of well rounded experience for our students. Research profoundly shows that kids who are exposed to the arts think better, are better problem solvers and end up being more well rounded individuals. We will celebrate this next Friday at our first ever 'Arts for 'Aikahi Festival and Concert and we will also raise money for more art and music programs.

Thanks for all your support to pull off a big event! I hope that amongst all the hard work you will find time to enjoy some of the best entertainment in all of Hawaii!


Keoki Fraser

The A-Team // 'Aikahi Elementary

This Week's Events

Dibels Mid-Year testing window is open!

December 7

  • Peer Review Meeting in the office conference room
  • Arts for `Aikahi Informational Faculty Meeting at 2:20 pm in the library
  • GT Committee Meeting at 2:30 pm in the office conference room

December 8

  • Grade 1 FT to Blaisdell Concert Hall
  • Kindergarten Articulation at 12:30 pm in B1
  • Safety and Wellness Meeting at 2:15 pm in the office conference room
  • APC Meeting at 2:30 pm in the library

December 9

  • Grade 3 Articulation at 10:15 am in B1
  • 2:05 pm release time
  • 2:05 pm RTI Committee Meeting at 2:05 pm in the office conference room
  • 2:05 pm Grade Level Meeting (optional)

December 10

  • Hearing Impaired FT to Deaf Santa
  • Grade 4 Articulation at 10:15 am in B1
  • Grade 1 Articulation at 12:30 pm in B1

December 11

  • 1:20 pm release time
  • Grade 5 and 6 Articulation at 9:00 am in B1
  • Grade 2 Articulation at 12:30 pm in B1
  • 1:20 - 3:00 pm - Set-up for Arts for `Aikahi Festival and Concert
  • Arts for `Aikahi Festival and Concert at 3:00 pm
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Code Studio Workshop

Saturday, Jan. 23rd 2016 at 8am-4pm

281 Ilihau Street

Kailua, HI

Computer science is foundational knowledge for all students in the 21st century. But a lot of schools don’t teach it, especially at the elementary level.

But now your elementary school can. With the help of, I am providing FREE one day workshops

for elementary school teachers interested in teaching computer science. Over 15,000 teachers have participated in a workshop and the majority say it’s the best PD they’ve ever attended.

What’s in a workshop?

In-person instruction including an intro to computer science, pedagogy, overview of the online curriculum, teacher dashboard, and strategies for teaching “unplugged”classroom activities.

All costs are covered by

There is no charge for these workshops and attending teachers will also receive (at no cost)):

• Printed curriculum guide

• Classroom supplies for the unplugged lessons

• Certificate of completion (which could count for PD credit)

• Fun swag

Here is the link you need to register:

Big image

Future Flight Hawaii STEMFEST Teacher Volunteers Needed

Angla Kung (Mother of Tess an Finn) is coordinating a STEM event at Aikahi. See information above. $25 of the registration fee will donated to our school for STEM education.

We are looking for 6 Aikahi teachers to donate their time on a Saturday to facilitate the STEM learning-based modules. They would like to have teachers facilitate in hopes that you will use these STEM modules in your classroom.

Please let Trisha know if you are interested in facilitating a session on this day. Thanks!

Tech Tip of the Week

Check out Tammy Worcester Tang's website full with various Google templates!

Upcoming Events

Dibels MOY Testing Window is open!

December 14

  • Projects articulation at 8:15 am in the library
  • Key Staffers meeting at 8:30 am in the office conference room
  • PTA Dine-Out at California Pizza Kitchen Kailua from 11:00 am - 10:00 pm - Bring this flyer and the PTA will receive 20% of your bill

December 15

  • Kindergarten Articulation at 12:30 pm in B1

December 16

  • Office Staff meeting at 8:15 am in the office conference room
  • Grade 3 Articulation at 10:15 am in B1
  • Faculty Meeting at 1:45 pm in the library

December 17

  • Last Day of Quarter 2
  • AR TOPS Reports Due
  • Christmas Sing-A-Long at 8:30 am in the cafeteria
  • 2:05 pm release time

Anything to Add?

If you want to share anything in the weekly bulletin, please email Trisha the blurb by Thursday afternoon. You can send attachments and pictures too!