granville t. woods

father of railroad safety

powerful introduction

granville t woods was a middle child find out how the middle child made a big diffrence

early life and childhood

he was born on April 23 Columbus Ohio, 1856


Martha t brown [mom] Cyrus woods [dad] Lateyus woods [brother] rachel woods [sister]

did the person have any kids

they had one kid his name was jake

did this person die

he died the year of 1910 he was 54 years died after Civil war trying to be an electrical enginner


dedicated his life to the developement of a varity of inventions related to the railroad industry

how did he help our country

He helped us because we still use the some of the inventions relating to the railroad such as an invention that told the train conductors how close trains are to other trains

In conclusion

he was a great man who created things that help us now with our railroad system as it goes Granville t woods the middle child made our world bigger better and safer
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