English IV

Daily Warm Up

Content Objective

I will select a tale, read and create a retelling of the tale for presentation. This will include deciphering language of the tale to enhance meaning, and finding key phrases that add imagery to the tale. I will then incorporate these words and phrases into a word cloud.

Language Objective

I will read my chosen tale with my partner and rewrite it, limited to 1 page, typed & uploaded. I will look up words that I do not know and find awesome lines from the story. And create a visual for these words and phrases.

Word Cloud

Warm Up

Our Canterbury travelers were going to see a historical landmark.

What historical landmark have you visited......or want to visit? Why? Explain.


1) research papers / rubrics / grades

2) hand out papers

3) read prologue to "The Canterbury Tales"

4) choose tale and partner

5) set up paper / format

6) read tale and work on project

Today's Date

1620 Mayflower Compact signed.

1831 Slave rebellion leader Nat Turner is executed.

1918 Armistice ends WWI.

1992 Church of England to ordain women.