Save The Earth

to save yourself

Save yourself by saving the world

Save energy helps the earth and us because you don't have to burn coal, use oil, and use gasses that can pollute the earth.

Turning off computers and the monitors

it dose a lot because you don't have to waste all that energy. Also using the suns energy by using solar panels will also help the sun is heat and use it.

keep windows shut

The air conditioning is on and you use it but what's the point if it just goes out the windows. Keep the windows shut or turn off the air conditioning.

What schools can do

Schools use big lights thta take a lot of energy.Why use all tat light if you have windows or just get smaller lights.Also the school can make sure they turn everything off and make sure that things arnt running over night.

What this dose

Doing all of these things will really help so please help the earth to help yourself.Save energy, recycle, and save water its not that hard its up to u. :)