Major leaders of the Mauryan Empire

An overview of the 3 Major leaders of the Mauryan leaders

Chandragupta Maurya

  • First leader and founder of the Mauryan empire.
  • Centralized and unified the Indian subcontinent
  • By the end of his rule he had embraced all of northern India
  • He supported the Jainism religion that was prominent at the time
  • Ruled from 322- 298 BC


  • Bindusara was the son/successor of the great leader Chandragupta Maurya.
  • Continued and carried out his fathers rule
  • He mainly supported the Azvika relgion
  • Records suggest that he had lots of sons that maintained different regions that were in his control
  • After he died, his sons went to war and succession occurred
  • He ruled from 298 BC – 272 BC.


  • Was one of Bindusara's many sons.
  • He killed all of his brother for the land and became supreme leader
  • He stared many wars with surrounding regions and conquered tons of land
  • He considered to be very harsh and cruel in his beginning years
  • In his later years he turned to become the first non violent king the world had ever seen
  • Instead of supporting war, he has to turned and supported peace, something that had never been done by a king before.
  • He heavily supported buddhism and ignited many religious movements
  • Ruled from 268-232 BCE