SEES Weekly Bulletin

February 22 - 26


This Week:

Monday and Tuesday at SEES: 100th day Fair - See more information below

Monday, 2/22 Teaching Math with Meaning 3rd Grade PD - 8:30 - 3pm SEES Library

Monday, 2/22 SEES Library Closed all day: Please join a buddy class for make-up time

Monday, 2/22 Open ED Tech Help @ SEES 11-1:30

Wednesday, 2/24 Early Release Day STCT 2:30-3:45

Thursday, 2/25 Student of the Month, Mathematician of the Month names on Google Docs and certificates submitted to admin. for signature

Thursday, 2/25. Math Night of the Century 5:30-7:30pm

Friday, 2/26 Flag Salute: Student of the Month RESPECT, Mathematician of the Month: Attends to Precision

Saturday, 2/26 Father Daughter Dance 5 - 8pm

Next Week:

Monday, 2/29....Happy Leap Day!

Monday, 2/29 BizTown Field Trip, Russo, Cochran, Gauthier, Hogan 8:30-3

Monday, 2/29 Flossie Rabbit Dental Assemblies: Kinder 11-12:45

Tuesday, 3/1 BizTown Field Trip, Faulkner, Helms, Vega, Poyner/Werts 8:30-3

Wednesday, 3/2 Early Release Day, STCT 2:30pm

Wednesday, 3/2 Mindset Book Club, 6:30pm Cafe Stoked

Thursday, 3/3 Knights of the Round Table at SEES-Recess and lunch

Thursday, 3/3 BookFair Set Up. Library Closed

Friday, 3/4 Teacher BookFair Lunch 11-1. Library Closed

100th Day Fair - Monday and Tuesday - Thank you 5th Grade Team!

  • Be prepared to have fun with math games! Double check the schedule:
  • Fifth Grade teachers and students are running the show, no stress involved.
  • Fifth grade teachers will touch base with 4th grade partner teacher.
  • Divide your students into groups of 3, we have 8 stations and will rotate visiting students about every 15 minutes. Students will not get to every station, but we have shared all the games with you so that you can use them in your classroom later.
  • Visiting teachers, please stay with your class and feel free to modify the games as you see fit. We have prepared for a range of students, but you know your students best!

We still need help at Math Night of the Century. Not to worry about understanding the games. Students will have played them at the 100 day fair and they are easy to modify. More Specific details next week. Encourage your students to come. Carolyn is willing to pay for 2 hours of work. Arrive at 5:30 to set up, families arrive at 6:00. We close up at 7:30.

End of February Flag Salute

Friday, February 26th

  • Student of the Month: Respect Print Certificates and submit to admin by Thursday morning

  • Mathematician of the Month: Attends to Precision:

Print Certificates and submit to admin by Thursday morning

  • Eagle Ticket, Eagle Play Participation, 100% AR quiz Raffle
  • Gold Medal Ticket Raffle: Students earn one gold medal raffle ticket for every multiple of the year long total point goal. (For example a 5th grader with 225 AR point gets 3 Gold Medal raffle tickets (75pts x 3). Gold Medal raffle tickets are in the workroom next to the Eagle Tickets.

SEES Book Club: Mindset, the New Psychology of Success

Join teachers, parents, school staff and admin for a discussion about the book Mindset, the New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck, PhD. The discussions will be led by John Paul, Audra and Van.

6:30-7:30 Cafe Stoked

Wednesday 3/2 Chapter 7

Wednesday 3/16 Chapter 8

Making a Difference with our English Learners

Big image
Big image

Tap into students' prior knowledge by utilizing their visual spatial abilities. Use this strategy as a precursor to working on a literary passage or to develop students' observation and inference skills!

Tap into students' prior knowledge by utilizing their visual spatial abilities. Use this strategy as a precursor to working on a literary passage or to develop students' observation and inference skills!

More From Our Amazing Enrichment Academy Art Fair

Planning a Field Trip? Don't Forget to Consult the SEES Master Calendar

Go to our San Elijo Staff Website:

Drop Down on the first tab on the left: "HOME"

The Link for the SEES Master Calendar is there.

Resources to Teach Close Reading during Black History Month: K-5

To celebrate Black History Month this February, bring videos, primary sources, articles and poetry into your classroom:

These collections includes primary sources and articles generously shared by The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History and videos shared by HISTORY®.

Happy Teaching!
The ReadWorks Team

Character Trait for February


Tolerance and Acceptance

I will be tolerant, respectful and accepting of others who are different than me.

7 Habits: Seek First to Understand and then be Understood

Week 1: How can I be respectful in my classroom?

Week 2: How can I be respectful at the lunch tables?

Week 3: How can I be respectful on the playground?

Week 4: How can I be respectful during Flag Salute?


Thank you in advance for your flexibility. Our library is the only place at SEES where we can host our grade level Math Professional Develop meetings. If you have library on one of the PD days listed below, please arrange for your class to go to the library with another class who attends at a time that is convenient for you.

The Library will be closed:

Monday February 22 Grade 3 Math PD

March 1 or March 2 Book Fair Delivery before 9am (TBA)

Thursday March 3 Bookfair Setup

Friday March 4 Bookfair Setup and Teacher Lunch

All Week March 7-11 Bookfair: No LibraryCheck out

Tuesday March 15 Grade 4 Math PD

Thursday March 24 Grade 2 Math PD

Thursday April 14 Grade 1 Math PD

Monday April 25 TK/K Math PD

Find a buddy class:

Prepare for Rainy Day Dismissal

Please prepare for the probability of rainy day dismissal for students.

Kindergarten families will walk directly to the classroom if it is raining during dismissal time.

Students in grades 1-5 need to know if their parents will drive up or walk to the classroom for pick up.

  • We will open gates at 3:00pm for parents to walk onto campus and pick their child up directly from the classroom. Parents need to be prepared to give student name and teacher name to enter our campus.
  • Drive up parents need to be prepared with their child's name, grade and teacher on a piece of paper. This expedites our pick process. Students being picked up at drive up will wait in the cafeteria.
  • Any and all help with rainy day dismissal is SO appreciated.

Chromebook Cart February Sign up - now located in SEES Staff Website

Thanks Laurie! Go to our SEES Staff Website:

Go to the Technology tab

Click on your grade level group to reserve the chromebook cart.