Hooterrific Owl-Stars Newsletter

July 2013 - Volume 1

Hooterrific Owl-Stars

Are you ready for our very first Hooterrific Owl-Stars Team Newsletter? This newsletter is just for our team members. After this initial newsletter, we'll send one out at the beginning of each month and highlight our new DIWs, New Designers, Team Accomplishments and more. If there is something you'd like to add to next month's newsletter, feel free to email me at my team specific email or call me on my personal cell phone.

Let Me Introduce Myself...Your Team Leader

Dawn Ramsay's my name and Leading's my game...no seriously....my sister, in Illinois, had an online party and when I went to order and viewed the website and product...I fell in love. I've never ever done Direct Sales before and never intended to, but there was something about these lockets, the company and the compensation plan that caught my eye. I received my invite in January 2013 after three months and 9 days on the waiting list. Anyone who knows me, knows, that patience is NOT my strong point, but in that three months, I made good use of my time and tried to stay positive...boy did that pay off. Once I received my wings I hit the ground running. I had three Jewelry Bars scheduled shortly after and had already signed up two Designers in Waiting (DIW). I'm a stay at home mom of two boys (8 & 11) with a part time administrator job for a small Fire Protection firm so my full time job is going to be to mentor and support all of the designers in this team to grow your businesses as little or as big as you want. After going to the first annual O2 National Conference a couple of weeks ago, I have many ideas (this newsletter and other communications being one of them) that I'd like to put in place over the next couple of weeks. I always welcome your emails, texts or phone calls so please don't hesitate to contact me if you need anything!

Hooterrific Owl-Stars Current Designers

Dawn Ramsay, Vacaville, CA
Michelle Gonzalez, Stockton, CA
Lynda Jones, Vallejo, CA
Donna Quintero, Vacaville, CA
Marla Mandell, Vacaville, CA
Sherri Jones, Vacaville, CA
Priscilla Sena-Cavalli, Fairfield, CA
Cyndi Miles, Vacaville, CA
Mandie Galgan, Vacaville, CA
Shannon Smith, Fairfield, CA
Susan West, Cottonwood, CA
Jennifer Stephenson, Vallejo, CA


Kristen Vaughan, Vacaville, CA
Karly Wright, Benicia, CA
Kim Campbell, Paradise, CA


2013 Origami Owl National Convention

Michelle, Lynda and I just came back from the first O2 National Convention. It was inspiring and really motivated us to come back and build our business or our team. There were a couple of General Sessions and then break out sessions that included training on how to hold a Jewelry Bar to how to coach your Hostess, to how to mentor and build your team. Registration is already open for an early bird fee of $175. I highly recommend planning to come next year, all you need to do is have 1-2 Jewelry Bars to pay for the airfare, hotel and ticket....and I promise it was worth every penny. The link is below: