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Football Services

Integral Sport Solutions (ISS) is the only company in Manchester area which offers real and quality Spanish football coaching and trainings.

From ISS we have two principals:

-Quality services

-Unique experiences

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A different way of playing football

Integral Sport Solutions works in different sport related areas.

Football is our most developed area at the moment, but we also have triathlon and running coaching programmes ( and multi-sport coaching for schools.

Football services related:


We run our Football Camps when the school term finishes in Easter and Summer. For these events we bring coaches from Villarreal CF. They bring the expertise taught in the Villareal youth academy to our camps.

Furthermore, ISS provide a full kit uniform (Nike), healthy snacks for the breaks and lunch.

By the end of the camp we give awards (such as Villarreal CF kits) for the best players and every player gets a little gift from Villarreal too.


If you want to improve your children performance you can book individual sessions with ISS.

We analyse the young footballers weak points and design a tailored plan to improve their performance based on those weak points.

We specialise in players who:

- want to improve their passing game skills.

- want to improve their abilities with the ball.

- want to improve their fitness through football related techniques.


During the school period ISS is setting up its own football academy.

As always, we train and coach football in a different way, concentrating on the tactical and decision making aspects of football.


If you coach a football club, run a football club or want to experience a different way of football training we can bring our coaches to give your players some sessions.

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