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November 22, 2019 - Week 15

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Holiday Office Hours

The Wredling Offices will be closed Wednesday, November 27th through Friday, November 29th for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Enjoy this time with your family and friends. School resumes on Monday, December 2nd!

Dear RedHawk Parents

It is easy to get caught-up in "what is wrong" in our world rather than "what is right". So I wanted to share with you some of the great things we are seeing and hearing about from our students and staff:

  • One of our girls was walking down the hallway when she noticed that a boy using crutches was struggling to walk down the hallway and pull his backpack. She gently asked him if she could help and he was happy to accept her support.
  • Cielo Santiago, new to playing an instrument, learned how to play "Ode to Joy / Joyful Joyful" on the piano with two hands. Not only a great feat, but she decided to memorize all 4 lines of music. This girl was extremely happy and proud of her accomplishment and showed her teacher her great effort!

  • Jaxon Hall made a teacher a duct tape wallet (an extremely nice one too), but he managed to tie - it into a discussion of "Baroque art and music being very fancy" and "Classical art and music is very plain without ornamentation" by finding a kind of duct tape that, and I'm not kidding, was called "Baroque Pattern Duct Tape."

  • One of our students, Evan Cicero, sought out an employee of ours, who is a Vietnam Veteran, to shake his hand and thank him for his services.

  • One of our teachers picks several students per week and sends emails expressing her appreciation of their work, effort, and kindness.

  • From a teacher: A couple of weeks ago, a student was stressing because he did not have a picture of himself for an ELA assignment. Two girls in my class noticed his stress and anxiety about going to class unprepared. One of the girls had a polaroid camera and offered to take a picture of him. He was a bit reluctant, so they offered to be in the picture with him to make him feel more comfortable. The student got to experience genuine kindness, not forced by any teacher or person.

  • Madison Letson, one of our RedHawks, volunteered to rake leaves for the West Chicago Police Department this past weekend.

There are too many great things happening at WMS to share, but I wanted you to get a glimpse of the amazingness that happens around this place!

Enjoy your weekend-



A great opportunity for parents, teachers, and students to communicate on learning about your child's progress at school is here - Parent-Teacher conference. Please take this opportunity to support the learning environment for your student and learn how you can assist your child's achievement. HERE are suggestions to assist you.

We look forward to seeing many of you on Monday and Tuesday!


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Dear Parents:

PTO Giving Garland Project- Next Monday, during school conferences, please stop by to sponsor a gift tag for a Wredling family. If you’d like to be proactive, we are requesting $30 gift cards to Target, Meijer, or Walmart. The table will be located by the entrance to the cafeteria, in the highest traffic area, in between the girls’ and boys’ bathrooms Please stop by to say Hi! and have a cookie If you won’t be in the school and want to make a donation, please email lidia.a.granger@gmail.com.
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Wredling Activity Calendar

We are still adding dates!

Be sure to visit the Wredling Book Fair running currently through the Monday of Parent-Teacher Conferences. The Book Fair will be open in the LRC from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm and 8:00 am -7:00 pm the Monday of conferences (Nov. 25). Stop in to do some shopping for your favorite readers!


Wredling Middle School Student Council teamed up with the Tri-Cities Salvation Army to support local families in need with the "Give from the Heart Food Drive". The goal was to donate 1500 items (about one per student and staff) and they did it. They crushed their goal with over 2000 food items. Great job Wredling for supporting our community.

Calling All Musicians!

A representative from Blue Lake Summer Music Camp will be visiting Wredling on Thursday, December 5th to do scholarship auditions during all performance music periods. NO auditions will take place after school. In order to be eligible for an audition time you MUST have a signed permission slip from a parent. Music directors will be handing out the permission slips. Instrumental students that are interested in auditioning should prepare two scales and an excerpt of a prepared piece, while vocalists should prepare several vocal warm-ups and an excerpt of a prepared song. Good luck on your audition!
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Lost & Found Nov 2019

Find a club to join!

SEL - Social Emotional Learning

We will regularly feature our Social Emotional Learning information in our Friday Forecast.
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At WMS, we use the RULER Anchor Tools. The Anchors Tools of Emotional Intelligence are evidence-based tools designed to enhance the emotional intelligence of school leaders, teachers and staff, students, and their families. RULER includes four primary tools: the Charter, Mood Meter, Meta-Moment, and Blueprint. Each is based on scientific research and helps children and adults develop their emotional intelligence skills. These skills helps us Recognize, Understand, Label, Express, and Regulate emotions.

Blueprint: Looking at conflicts through someone else’s eyes.

Are there any conflicts in your family? We all have our own truths. But conflict often arises when we think our truths are the only truths. The Blueprint is a tool for overcoming conflict by getting each person to look at the conflict from the other person’s perspective as well as their own.

A blueprint is a plan or design. It also happens to be RULER Anchor tool. It is a tool that you can use to help you resolve current or future conflicts by applying empathy and perspective taking. Our previous tools (charter, mood meter, and meta-moment) are all used in conjunction with the Blueprint.

Learn more about how it works and how you could use it at home Video.Article.

How to resolve sibling conflict with Blueprints | GreatSchools

D303 Special Olympics Invites YOU!

We're excited to host a 5 team Junior Special Olympics tournament this Saturday morning (tomorrow) at Wredling Middle School.

  • Our team plays at 10 and 11 am.
  • We have some brand spanking new elementary players this year, and these will be the very first games they have ever played in!
  • They are SO EXCITED!

The Special Olympics Oath is "Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt!"

We are so proud of all our BRAVE, hard-working athletes!

We hope you are able to stop by to cheer on and celebrate their "attempts" this weekend!

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Wredling PTO Website

Pay your dues or sign up to volunteer

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Save The Date!

Friday, December 20, 2019 - 4pm to 8pm - Epic Air - South Elgin

Mention Wredling PTO and students get to jump for 2 hours for $15 ($5 savings) w/ waiver & Epic Air Socks ($2) to celebrate their hard work for the 1st half the school year!

Our WMS Cheerleaders are Selling Butter Braids!

  • Butter Braids cost $14 each while the cost for the cookies is $16 each.
  • Checks should be made payable to Wredling Middle School.
  • If you would like to order Butter Braids and/or Cookies and don't know a WMS Cheerleader, contact Lucy Johnson in the Wredling Main Office.

CLICK HERE for the Butter Braids order form.

RedHawk Spotlight

Do you have a student you would like us to
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Please email their story and a couple of photos
to Tim Loversky for consideration.

Our first student in the RedHawk Spotlight is featured below!

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BOARD APPROVED CALENDARS FOR 2020-2021 AND 2021-2022 School Years

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