Calcium Hydroxide

Scott Brewster

Common name

A common name for calcium hydroxide would be "slaked lime". It has other names but that is one commonly used.

Chemical Formula

The chemical formula for Calcium Hydroxide is Ca(OH)₂.

3 uses of the chemical

  • Calcium hydroxide is soluble in water and forms a solution known as limewater which is used to test for carbon dioxide.
  • It is also used in fresh water treatment for raising the pH of the water so that pipes will not corrode where the base water is acidic, because it is self-regulating and does not raise the pH too much.
  • Another large application is in the paper industry, where it is used in the production of sodium hydroxide.

3 physical or chemical properties of the chemical

  • It has a Hydrogen Bond Donor Count of 2
  • It had a molecular weight of 74.09268 g/mol
  • It has a Heavy Atom Count of 3
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3 other facts about calcium hydroxide

  • Calcium Hydroxide is made by treating lime(calcium oxide) with water
  • It can cause severe skin irritation, chemical burns, blindness, or lung damage.
  • In Spanish, calcium hydroxide is called cal.