Tropical Rainforest Biome

By, Bailey Gage


In the tropical rainforest it is very hot and humid. It makes tropical rainforests a good place for bacteria and microorganisms. The organisms stay active all year long, and they quickly decompose matter on the forest floor. In tropical rainforest plants grow so fast that they rapidly consume the nutrients from the decomposed leaf litter. So, most of the nutrients are contained in the trees and other plants rather than in the soil. Most nutrients that are absorbed into the soil are leached out by the abundant rainfall, and leaves the soil infertile and acidic.

Aniamls in the Tropical Rainforest

  • Slow Loris-Mammal-Primates
  • Gorilla-Mammal-Primates
  • Flying Dragon-Mammal-Lizards and Snakes
  • Crested Guan-Omnivore-Game Birds
  • Common Tree Shrew-Mammal-Tree Shrew
  • Chimpanzee-Mammal-Primates
  • Capybara-Mammal-Rodents
  • Bearded Pig-Mammal-Even toed Ungulates

Little Facts :)

Did you know....

The rainforest is the most ecologically rich of the world's biomes. Rainforest take up only 75 of earth's land areas and are normally found at the equatorial level of Earth. Daylight in the rainforest lasts 12 hours, there is no winter, and the seasons can best be described as rainy, or dry, with almost no change in the temperature. Yup, that means NO SNOW! I know crazy right? The rainforest is home for the largest variety of life forms in all nature, it has thousands of different species of trees, plants, flowers, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects, invertebrates and micro-organisms. Many of the animals in the rainforest are highly adapted to their very competitive and diverse environment, most actually have developed camouflage or strong defenses methods, which are by colorful markings.